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Because of the broad support and the ubiquitous nature of the RADIUS protocol, it is often used by ISPs and enterprises to manage access to the Internet or internal networks , wireless networks , and integrated e-mail services. These networks may incorporate modems , DSL , access points

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In classical geometry , a radius of a circle or sphere is any line segment from its center or axis of symmetry to its perimeter . By extension, the radius of a circle or sphere is the length of any such segment, which is half the diameter . [ 1 ] If the object does not have an obvious

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The Schwarzschild radius (sometimes historically referred to as the gravitational radius ) is the distance from the center of an object such that, if all the mass of the object were compressed within that sphere, the escape speed from the surface would equal the speed of light. Once a stellar

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nucleus; consequently, the other electrons are more strongly attracted to the nucleus, and the radius of the atom gets smaller. Likewise, when an electron is added to an atom, forming an anion, the added electron shields the other electrons from the nucleus, with the result that the size of

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Because the Earth is not perfectly spherical , no single value serves as its natural radius . Distances from points on the surface to the center range from 6,353 km to 6,384 km (≈3,947–3,968 mi). Several different ways of modeling the Earth as a sphere each yield a convenient mean

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The Bohr radius is a physical constant , approximately equal to the most probable distance between the proton and electron in a hydrogen atom in its ground state . It is named after Niels Bohr , due to its role in the Bohr model of an atom. The precise definition of the Bohr radius is

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The Stokes radius , Stokes-Einstein radius , or hydrodynamic radius R H , named after George Gabriel Stokes , is not the effective radius of a hydrated molecule in solution as often mentioned. Rather it is the radius of a hard sphere that diffuses at the same rate as the molecule. The

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In mathematics , the spectral radius of a square matrix or a bounded linear operator is the supremum among the absolute values of the elements in its spectrum , which is sometimes denoted by ρ(·). Contents 1 Matrices 2 Theorem (Gelfand's formula, 1941) 3 Bounded linear

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The atomic radius of a chemical element is a measure of the size of its atoms, usually the mean or typical distance from the nucleus to the boundary of the surrounding cloud of electrons . Since the boundary is not a well-defined physical entity, there are various non-equivalent definitions

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In mathematics, the conformal radius is a way to measure the size of a simply connected planar domain D viewed from a point z in it. As opposed to notions using Euclidean distance (say, the radius of the largest inscribed disk with center z ), this notion is well-suited to use in complex

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