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The full text of all PubMed Central articles is available free. Some participating publishers, however, delay release of their articles for a set time after paper publication (often six months). As of July 2011 [update] , the archive contains approximately 2.2 million items, including articles

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The service, which was launched in January 2007 by the British Library , is based on the model of the American PubMed Central database, developed by the National Library of Medicine (NLM). Initially, UK PubMed Central provides a local mirror of the collection of full-text biomedical research

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an interface in both English and French, to support the use of Canada's two official languages. PubMed Central Canada provides free access to content, and is one of the locations where CIHR researchers can deposit their peer-reviewed research articles, in order to meet with the open access

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heartbeat rhythm generator and the pyloric network of decapod crustacea see Hooper's Review of Central Pattern Generators. The classical view of CPGs, as specific networks of neurons dedicated to this function alone, has been challenged by numerous data obtained mostly on the central nervous

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The diagnosis usually starts with a dilated examination of the retina, followed with confirmation by optical coherence tomography and fluorescein angiography . The angiography test will usually show one or more fluorescent spots with fluid leakage. In 10%-15% of the cases these will appear

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In addition to MEDLINE, PubMed provides access to older references from the print version of Index Medicus back to 1951 and earlier; references to some journals before they were indexed in Index Medicus / MEDLINE, for instance 'Science', 'BMJ', and 'Ann Surg'; very recent entries to records

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examination of the nine patients’ brains reported by Plum and Swanson, revealed necrosis of the central pons in five of the nine patients, and indirect compression of the pons in one additional patient. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] Their initial findings suggested that lesions in the medial pontine tegmentum

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The central governor is a proposed process in the brain that regulates exercise in regard to a neurally calculated safe exertion by the body. In particular, physical activity is controlled so that its intensity cannot threaten the body’s homeostasis by causing anoxia damage to the heart

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. More recently, autopsy studies have demonstrated that CCS may be caused by bleeding into the central part of the cord, portending less favorable prognosis. Studies also have shown from postmortem evaluation that CCS probably is associated with selective axonal disruption in the lateral columns

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BioMed Central was founded in 2000 as part of the Current Science Group (now Science Navigation Group, SNG), a nursery of scientific publishing companies. SNG chairman Vitek Tracz developed the concept for the company after NIH director Harold Varmus 's PubMed Central concept for open

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