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The word presbyopia comes from the Greek word presbys (πρέσβυς), meaning "old man" or "elder", and the Neolatin suffix -opia , meaning "sightedness", [ 2 ] giving rise to the laymen's definition often seen in consumer articles or medical glossaries, "old eyes". [ 3 ] Contents

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A fungal keratitis is an 'inflammation of the eye 's cornea ' (called keratitis ) that results from infection by a fungal organism. Keratomycosis is the Latin terminology equivalent of fungal keratitis - it is the fungal infection of the cornea , the anterior part of the eye which covers

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The eye is a fragile organ, requiring extreme care before, during and after a surgical procedure. An expert eye surgeon must identify the need for specific procedure and be responsible for conducting the procedure safely. Many university programmes allow patients to specify if they want to

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safety and accuracy. He developed the technology for laser blended vision, the LASIK treatment for presbyopia (aging eyes) now distributed by Carl Zeiss AG [ 4 ] in the MEL80 laser platform and has enabled over 100,000 procedures to be performed in a year by 58 surgeons globally. [ edit

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Coleman received his undergraduate degree from Union College and his medical degree from the University of Buffalo School of Medicine. Following his internship at the Columbia Medical Division at Bellevue Hospital , he served with the U.S. Public Health Service in Washington, DC. He completed

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Gr. "an" = "not" , + "is(o)" = "equal," + "eikōn" = "image" [ edit ] Causes Retinal image size is determined by many factors. The size and position of the object being viewed affects the characteristics of the light entering the system. Corrective lenses affect these characteristics and

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This triad of CPEO, bilateral pigmentary retinopathy, and cardiac conduction abnormalities was first described in a case report of two patients in 1958 by Thomas Kearns, MD., and G.P Sayre, MD. [ 2 ] A second case was published in 1960 by Jager and co-authors reporting these symptoms in a

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Those with ocular ischemic syndrome are typically between the ages of 50 and 80 [ 2 ] [ 3 ] ; twice as many men than women are affected. [ 3 ] More than 90% of those presenting with the condition have vision loss . [ 1 ] Patients may report a dull, radiating ache over the eye and eyebrow

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A Galactosemic cataract is cataract which is associated with the consequences of galactosemia . Contents 1 Galactosemia 2 Diagnosis 3 Introduction to Galactose Metabolism 4 Galactose Metabolism: The Leloir Pathway 5 The Accumulation of Galactose and Subsequent Pathways

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Although observed in humans and cats, ectopia lentis is most commonly seen in dogs . Ciliary zonules normally hold the lens in place. Abnormal development of these zonules can lead to primary ectopia lentis, usually a bilateral condition. Luxation can also be a secondary condition, caused