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other two directions perpendicular to the direction of compression. This phenomenon is called the Poisson effect . Poisson 's ratio ν ( nu ) is a measure of the Poisson effect. The Poisson ratio is the ratio of the fraction (or percent) of expansion divided by the fraction (or percent

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is the risk of an event (or of developing a disease) relative to exposure. Relative risk is a ratio of the probability of the event occurring in the exposed group versus a non-exposed group. [ 1 ] Consider an example where the probability of developing lung cancer among smokers was

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Poisson number From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Poisson number can refer to: In mechanics, the reciprocal of Poisson 's ratio . 1 / v. In statistics, a number drawn from a Poisson distribution This disambiguation page lists articles

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In statistics , the hypergeometric distribution is the discrete probability distribution generated by picking colored balls at random from an urn without replacement. Various generalizations to this distribution exist for cases where the picking of colored balls is biased so that balls

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Exponential shrinking 3 Motivating discussion 4 Coordinates for the moduli space 4.1 Cross ratio 4.2 The corner coordinates 4.3 (ab) coordinates 5 Formula for the pentagram map 5.1 As a birational mapping 5.2 As grid compatibility relations 6 Invariant structures

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In probability theory and statistics , the index of dispersion , [ 1 ] dispersion index, coefficient of dispersion, or variance-to-mean ratio (VMR) , like the coefficient of variation , is a normalized measure of the dispersion of a probability distribution : it is a measure used to

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In statistics , data transformation refers to the application of a deterministic mathematical function to each point in a data set — that is, each data point z i is replaced with the transformed value y i = f ( z i ), where f is a function. Transforms are usually applied so that the

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Rasch models are particularly used in psychometrics , the field concerned with the theory and technique of psychological and educational measurement. In addition, they are increasingly being used in other areas, including the health profession and market research because of their general applicability

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In probability theory , a martingale is a model of a fair game where no knowledge of past events can help to predict future winnings. In particular, a martingale is a sequence of random variables (i.e., a stochastic process ) for which, at a particular time in the realized sequence, the

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with linear frequency axis (vertical). We can therefore find Gaussian white noise, but also Poisson , Cauchy , etc. white noises. Thus, the two words "Gaussian" and "white" are often both specified in mathematical models of systems. Gaussian white noise is a good approximation of many real