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A fringe theory is an idea or a collection of ideas that departs significantly from the prevailing or mainstream view in its particular field of study . Examples include ideas that purport to be scientific theories but have little or no scientific support, conspiracy theories , unproven | 2011/9/2 0:29:10

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Design theory From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Design theory can refer to any theory relating to design in general. Design theory may also refer to: Engineering and industrial design C-K theory Design science C-K theory Mathematics | 2010/9/26 22:59:10

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The elastic rebound theory is an explanation for how energy is spread during earthquakes. As plates on opposite sides of a fault are subjected to force and shift, they accumulate energy and slowly deform until their internal strength is exceeded. At that time, a sudden movement occurs along | 2011/10/3 23:20:54

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Process theory holds that if an outcome is to be duplicated, so too must the process which originally created it, and that there are certain constant necessary conditions for the outcome to be reached. When the phrase is used in connection with human motivation, process theory attempts to | 2010/9/26 12:26:52

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upper part is called the crust , again of two types (continental and oceanic). This means that a plate can be of one type, or of both types. One of the main points the theory proposes is that the amount of surface of the (continental and oceanic) plates that disappears in the mantle along

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The Two Nations theory can refer to: Two-Nation Theory - the view that Muslims and Hindus in Colonial India were separate nations. Two Nations Theory (Ireland) - the view the Northern Ireland Protestants are a distinct Irish nation. Deux nations or Two Solitudes (Canadian society | 2011/2/2 19:17:43

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Vortex theory From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Vortex theory may refer to: Mechanical explanations of gravitation — a theory to explain gravitation . History of knot theory — a theory to explain the atom . This disambiguation page | 2010/9/25 23:50:49

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statistics) InterAction (organization) InterAction (magazine) The Interaction Hypothesis , a theory of second language acquisition 63rd World Science Fiction Convention Interaction Chat , a free Ajax instant messaging program Interactions of Actors , the support that produces bounded | 2011/5/24 17:44:09

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of the slow rate of geological change. He observed the composition of the land and formulated a theory where the Earth changes at a slow rate and that these changes cannot be observed during one person’s lifetime. Aristotle developed one of the first evidentially based concepts connected

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In mathematical logic , the theory of infinite sets was first developed by Georg Cantor . Although this work has found wide acceptance in the mathematics community, it has been criticized in several areas by mathematicians and philosophers. Cantor's theorem that there are sets having cardinality | 2011/9/11 10:32:56