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these features in the form of a dialect . However, few of these features are restricted solely to Pittsburgh or the Pittsburgh metropolitan area . Instead, many of them are found throughout southwestern Pennsylvania , the Midland dialect region , or even large parts of the United States | 2011/5/23 17:20:08

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High on a Hill" has consistently been voted an all-time top song on oldies radio stations in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area . With Larry Weiss, he wrote " Bend Me, Shape Me ", which became a hit for the Chicago -based band The American Breed , reaching number five on the U.S. Billboard | 2011/5/9 2:13:04

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The Socialist Labor Party of America (SLP), established in 1876 as the Workingmen's Party , is the oldest socialist political party in the United States and the second oldest socialist party in the world. Originally known as the Workingmen's Party of America , the party changed its name

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Furia was born in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania to Ethel Szilagyi Furia and Philip Andrew Furia. He has a younger brother, Mark Daniel Furia. He grew up in West Mifflin , a suburb of Pittsburgh , next to Kennywood , an amusement park where he worked as a barker during his high school years. | 2011/4/5 1:36:42

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Shannon Howard Teaching staff 95 [ 1 ] Grades 9-12 [ 1 ] Enrollment 1,499 (as of 2010-2011) Average class size 24 Student:teacher ratio 16.1 [ 1 ] Campus type Suburban Athletics PIAA class AAA/AAAA [ 2 ] Mascot Titan Team name Shaler Area Titans Rival | 2011/3/29 5:08:21

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During the nine decades since its establishment in 1919, the Communist Party USA produced or inspired a vast array of newspapers and magazines in at least 25 different languages. This list of the Non-English press of the Communist Party USA provides basic information on each title, along

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set decorator Tony Little Walter Little (politician) , Canadian politician William Little Pittsburgh mayor) , politician in Pittsburgh William John Little , the doctor who identified cerebral palsy in children Zarah Little [ edit ] See also Clan Little , a Scottish Border clan | 2011/5/23 20:04:21

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Founded in 1972, the Latin American Literary Review is published bi-annually. It contains feature essays and reviews of recent literary works in Latin America and Brazil . It publishes articles in English, Spanish , and Portuguese . [ 2 ] Yvette E. Miller is editor. Founded in 1980, the | 2011/8/24 0:51:05

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Mellon University , and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor . He also taught at the University of Pittsburgh , but left when he learned that other faculty told racist jokes about blacks when he wasn't in their presence. [ 3 ] As of 2002, he is the Hamilton Holmes Professor of English at | 2011/4/1 16:18:39

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trails through the Allegheny region of the Appalachian Mountains , connecting Washington, D.C. to Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania and beyond. The multi-use trail, suitable for biking and walking , occupies abandoned corridors of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad , Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad