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Cinquevalli was born in Lissa in what is now Poland . His parents moved to Berlin when he was two years old. [ edit ] Career Cinquevalli publicized himself widely, leading to differing accounts on what of his life is fact, and what is fiction. At the age of fourteen he ran away from home

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This page lists many dates in which juggling has been recorded throughout history from 1994 BC to 1947 AD. This Egyptian wall painting (c. 1994-1781 BC) appears to depict toss jugglers Seated girl juggling. Fragmented tondo of an Attic red-figure kylix , 470–460 BC, Regional

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After performing as a child with his family, D'Auban continued a career as a comic dancer in music hall and pantomime . He also served as dance master for the Alhambra Theatre , the Gaiety Theatre, London , and, for decades, Drury Lane. In 1868, he began a long association with W. S. Gilbert

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have been performed for centuries. More variations were introduced by vaudevillians such as Paul Cinquevalli . In 1986, American juggler Tony Duncan was reported to be holding audiences spellbound with an act that involved rolling a single ball all over his body [ 1 ] . Michael Moschen brought

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with much success. About 1893 he bought the Garrick theatre, Sydney and renamed it the Tivoli ; he built up the Tivoli circuit , taking control of the Opera House, Melbourne, and was also lessee of theatres in other state capital cities. Every year he visited England, and during the next 18

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This category includes individuals who performed in American vaudeville at any time between the opening of Tony Pastor 's New Fourteenth Street Theatre in New York City in 1881 to the final show at New York's Loew's State Theatre in 1947 . Information on individual performances and references

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Penlo, Barclay Gammon, The Palace Girls, George H. Chirgwin , The Bogannys, Fanny Fields, Paul Cinquevalli , Harry Tate , Ida Crispi and Fred Farrn Vesta Tilley , La Pia, Little Titch, Arthur Prince, Alfred Lester, Clarice Mayne , Charles Aldrich, George Robey , David Devant , Wilkie Bard

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Paul Robeson pronounced his last name with two syllables, not three. [ 4 ] A nationally renowned football player from 1917 to the early 1920s, Robeson was an All-American athlete, and Phi Beta Kappa Society laureate during his years at Rutgers University . In 1923, Robeson drifted into

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Des Jardien was born in Coffeyville, Kansas , [ 1 ] and moved to Chicago, Illinois as a child. He attended Chicago's Wendell Phillips Academy High School before enrolling at the University of Chicago . [ edit ] University of Chicago Des Jardien enrolled at the University of Chicago in

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Zenon has sometimes been billed as "King Con" and "The Sultan of Swindle". He staged his first scam at the age of eight when he sold fake raffle tickets for a non-existent prize. In his adolescence Zenon worked in a joke and magic shop, The House of Secrets , in Blackpool before travelling

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