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Palau police shoot Chinese fisherman, police plane feared lost print that page


Over the course of the weekend, Palau 's police shot a Chinese fisherman believed to be illegally fishing in the economic zone of the tiny Micronesian nation. Three police staff, who were patrolling territorial waters in search of the Chinese fishing mothership, are feared missing as their

Palau police shoot Chinese fisherman while Palau police plane feared lost print that page


The shooting occurred after the police tried to contact the boat and warn them to leave Palau 's territorial water, and subsequent warning shots being fired to again warn the boat away from the area. Five Chinese fishermen were arrested following the shooting, and were charged with illegal

Micronesia left behind by the Paralympic movement print that page


they cannot join. This includes Guam , the Federated States of Micronesia , the Marshall Islands , Palau , and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands . The only eligibility route for elite athletes with disabilities in these countries to the Paralympic Games is through their home

Bones of 'small-bodied humans' found in Micronesian cave print that page

Another population of small humans has been reported , this time in caves in Micronesia. Modern adult bones left, Palau small human bones center and right. Lee Berger, Steven Churchill, Bonita De Klerk and Rhonda Quinn, a team of paleontologists and anthropologists from South Africa | 2015/7/9 16:57:13

News briefs: April 7, 2012 print that page

We have more about the developments in the United States elections during March at Wikinews. Palau police shoot Chinese fisherman, police plane feared lost (1:36) Palau 's police shot a Chinese fisherman who was believed to be illegally fishing in the nation's waters. The ship was warned | 2015/7/10 10:02:58

New Caledonia prepares for 2011 South Pacific Games print that page


matter, with the meeting announced to the public by Michael White, NMI chef de mission to the 2005 Palau South Pacific Mini Games. The hosting duties were also bid on by the Solomon Islands , and American Samoa , which was eliminated in the first round. The last time that the city of Noumea

Scholarships awarded to isolated pacific islanders in Micronesia print that page

students from the Atoll of Ulithi. These students will be traveling to the neighboring Republic of Palau to attend classes at the private all-girls Bethanaia High School. Habele was incorporated in 2006, and began informal scholarships three years earlier in 2003. In addition to providing | 2015/7/10 14:42:57

United Nations General Assembly votes to establish UN Human Rights Council print that page

countries voted for the proposed resolution and four voted against ( Israel , the Marshall Islands , Palau , and the United States ), with three abstentions ( Belarus , Iran , and Venezuela ). The Council will replace the Commission on Human Rights , which has lost credibility in past years | 2015/7/10 21:55:18

Bahamas become fourth country to ban shark fishing print that page


The ban is welcomed by many, including environmentalists. The President of the Bahamas National Trust , Neil McKinney, spoke about the issue saying, "They desperately need protection if we're not going to drive them to extinction." Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette also commented on the

US Supreme court to hear Guantanamo Bay cases print that page

prisoners. Five went to Albania in 2006 and another four went to Bermuda in June. The island of Palau has said it will take twelve, leaving just one. However, some of the Uighurs are worried that Palau is too close to China , where the ethnic group suffers from religious and political | 2015/7/10 21:11:51