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For two or more thin lenses close together, the optical power of the combined lenses is approximately equal to the sum of the optical powers of each lens. Similarly, the optical power of a single lens is roughly equal to the sum of the powers of each surface. These approximations are

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An optical power meter (OPM) is a device used to measure the power in an optical signal. The term usually refers to a device for testing average power in fiber optic systems. Other general purpose light power measuring devices are usually called radiometers , photometers , laser power

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The optical power budget in a fiber-optic communication link is the allocation of available optical power (launched into a given fiber by a given source) among various loss-producing mechanisms such as launch coupling loss , fiber attenuation , splice losses, and connector losses,

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is used only for very long distances (typically greater than 400 miles, or 600 km); submarine power cables (typically longer than 30 miles, or 50 km); or for connecting two AC networks that are not synchronized. [ citation needed ] Electricity is transmitted at high voltages (110 kV

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The High Power laser Energy Research facility ( HiPER ), is an experimental laser-driven inertial confinement fusion (ICF) device undergoing preliminary design for possible construction in the European Union starting around 2010. HiPER is the first experiment designed specifically to study

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In an optical communications link , the optical power margin is the difference between the optical power that is launched by a given transmitter into the fiber, less transmission losses from all causes, and the minimum optical power that is required by the receiver for a specified

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The Power Mac G5 is Apple 's marketing name for models of the Power Macintosh that contains the IBM PowerPC G5 CPU . The professional-grade computer was the most powerful in Apple's lineup when it was introduced, widely hailed as the first 64-bit PC, and was touted by Apple as the fastest

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An overhead power line is an electric power transmission line suspended by towers or utility poles . Since most of the insulation is provided by air, overhead power lines are generally the lowest-cost method of transmission for large quantities of electric energy. Towers for support

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In physics , power is the rate at which work is performed or energy is converted. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] As a simple example, burning a kilogram of coal releases much more energy than does detonating a kilogram of TNT , [ 3 ] but because the TNT reaction releases energy much more quickly, it delivers

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Noise reduction methods 3.1 Common noise reduction methods 3.2 Low-cost methods 4 Sound power and pressure measurement 5 Individual components in a quiet PC 5.1 Motherboards 5.2 CPUs 5.2.1 Modern low power CPUs 5.3 Video cards 5.4 Power supplies 5.5 Cases 5.5