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The Open Directory Project ( ODP ), also known as Dmoz (from directory , its original domain name ), is a multilingual open content directory of World Wide Web links. It is owned by Netscape but it is constructed and maintained by a community of volunteer editors. | 2011/9/27 12:01:47

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planning, tight organization and one process from start to finish. The second is the progressive open source development, which is more like a “a great babbling bazaar of differing agendas and approaches out of which a coherent and stable system could seemingly emerge only by a succession | 2010/9/26 9:45:11

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are working on, be it novel, scientific paper or thesis which will then allow construction. The project goals are: Cross-platform for all major operating systems . Template developers to share their designs and generate an extensive template library System is extendable by design, easily | 2010/9/25 12:53:39

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The Code Project Open License (CPOL) is a software license published by The Code Project , a community site for software developers. The license is mainly applied to content that is being published on the site. Its main points subject to the terms of the license are: [ 4 ] Source Code | 2011/2/13 19:35:26

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In the context of Mac OS X Server, Open Directory describes a shared LDAPv3 directory domain based on OpenLDAP and a corresponding authentication model composed of Apple Password Server and Kerberos 5 tied together using a modular Directory Services system. The term Open Directory | 2011/2/8 14:09:54

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Projects can consist of arbitrary number of sub-projects and tasks. Using a top-down approach a project total budget is split over a number of subprojects. In terms of financial estimations, the system indicates if the sum of planned units for each task in a subproject is beyond its estimated | 2010/9/26 17:09:09

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Open Directory From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Open Directory may refer to several things: The Open Directory Project (ODP), a human-maintained directory of websites also known as DMOZ Apple Open Directory , an LDAP-compatible directory | 2010/9/27 0:14:35

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The Open -Site encyclopedia uses an ontology based on that of Open Directory Project , of which it is a spin-off. Open -Site has the following main categories, under which most content is organized in several layers of subcategories. Arts – covering creative pursuits and entertainment

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Tasks Dashboard Velocity Graph [ edit ] See also "Sourceforge" page. "Ohloh" page. [ edit ] References Traffic rank by "Alexa" is about average of all listed on wikipedia: Comparison of issue tracking systems . As of February 14, 2010. [ edit ] External links

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Priyan began developing a research-based neuroscience curriculum (referred to as The Human Brain Project ) that he later formally incorporated as "The Human Brain Project " in January 2007. Initially, this curriculum sought to communicate the 'incomplete' nature of our understanding regarding | 2011/7/20 21:19:08