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Object manipulators may also be practitioners of fire dancing , which is essentially object manipulation where specially designed props are soaked in fuel and lit on fire . Contents 1 Types of object manipulation 1.1 Juggling and tossing 1.2 Spinning and twirling 1.3 Dexterity

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The object -relational impedance mismatch is a set of conceptual and technical difficulties that are often encountered when a relational database management system (RDBMS) is being used by a program written in an object -oriented programming language or style; particularly when objects | 2011/4/15 23:02:33

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In computing an object -oriented user interface (OOUI) is a type of user interface based on an object -oriented programming metaphor . In an OOUI, the user interacts explicitly with objects that represent entities in the domain that the application is concerned with. Many vector drawing | 2011/5/15 19:18:59

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An object -based spatial database is a spatial database that stores the location as objects . The object -based spatial model treats the world as surface littered with recognizable objects (e.g. cities, rivers), which exist independent of their locations. Objects can be simple as polygons | 2010/9/26 16:34:13

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a solution for a new and/or unique problem. The widgets attempt to allow the user to modify an object in any possible direction while also providing easy guides or constraints to allow the user to easily modify an object in the most common directions, while also attempting to be as intuitive | 2010/9/25 3:42:04

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Although C was designed for implementing system software , [ 4 ] it is also widely used for developing portable application software . C is one of the most widely used programming languages of all time [ 5 ] [ 6 ] and there are very few computer architectures for which a C compiler does

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The Document Object Model ( DOM ) is a cross-platform and language -independent convention for representing and interacting with objects in HTML , XHTML and XML documents. [ 1 ] Aspects of the DOM (such as its "Elements") may be addressed and manipulated within the syntax of the programming | 2011/9/30 8:15:29

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A programming language is an artificial language designed to communicate instructions to a machine , particularly a computer . Programming languages can be used to create programs that control the behavior of a machine and/or to express algorithms precisely. The earliest programming languages

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An assembly language is a low-level programming language for computers , microprocessors , microcontrollers , and other programmable devices. It implements a symbolic representation of the machine codes and other constants needed to program a given CPU architecture. This representation | 2011/9/3 2:48:02

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C++ is one of the most popular programming languages [ 4 ] [ 5 ] with application domains including systems software (such as Microsoft Windows ), application software , device drivers, embedded software, high-performance server and client applications, and entertainment software such as video