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Colin Farrell – Danny Witwer Max Von Sydow – Director Lamar Burgess Steve Harris – Jad Neal McDonough – Fletcher Samantha Morton – Agatha Patrick Kilpatrick – Knott Jessica Capshaw – Evanna Lois Smith – Dr. Iris Hineman [ edit ] External Links Wikipedia

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Alfre Woodard Lily Sloane James Cromwell Dr. Zefram Cochrane Alice Krige The Borg Queen Neal McDonough Lieutenant Sean Hawk Michael Horton Lieutenant Daniels Robert Picardo Emergency Medical Hologram Dwight Schultz Lieutenant Reginald Barclay Patti Yasutake Nurse

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Raymond J. Barry - Arlo Givens Kaitlyn Dever - Loretta McCready Damon Herriman - Dewey Crowe Neal McDonough - Robert Quarles [ edit ] External links Wikipedia has an article about: Justified (TV series) Justified quotes at the Internet Movie Database Justified at TV

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William McDonough From Wikiquote Jump to navigation Jump to search The Stone Age did not end because humans ran out of stones. It ended because it was time for a re-think about how we live. William McDonough (born 21 February 1951 ) is an American architect and founding principal