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Nanotechnology is very diverse, ranging from extensions of conventional device physics to completely new approaches based upon molecular self-assembly , from developing new materials with dimensions on the nanoscale to investigating whether we can directly control matter on the atomic scale

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In computing , AGPgart is a kernel module for Linux , FreeBSD and Solaris that supports the extra data transfer features of Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) video cards via the Graphics Address Remapping Table (GART). The AGPgart driver module uses system memory to enhance the display | 2011/6/9 16:08:30

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While conventional chemistry uses inexact processes obtaining inexact results, and biology exploits inexact processes to obtain definitive results, molecular nanotechnology would employ original definitive processes to obtain definitive results. The desire in molecular nanotechnology would

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Here is a list of universities offering nanotechnology education, and the degrees offered in nanotechnology, Bachelor of Science in Nanotechnology, Master of Science in Nanotechnology, and PhD in Nanotechnology. This list is not complete. Contents 1 Latin America 1.1 Brazil 1.2 | 2011/9/13 11:04:15

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The LCN's work requires it to draw on the combined skills of multiple departments, including medicine, chemistry, physics, electrical and electronic engineering, biochemical engineering, materials and earth sciences, and two leading business centres. The LCN’s stated vision is to become Europe

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With nanotechnology, a large set of materials and improved products rely on a change in the physical properties when the feature sizes are shrunk. Nanoparticles, for example, take advantage of their dramatically increased surface area to volume ratio. Their optical properties, e.g. fluorescence | 2011/9/10 23:07:18

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Although DNA is usually considered in the context of molecular biology as the carrier of genetic information in living cells , DNA nanotechnology considers DNA solely as a chemical and as a material, and is usually pursued outside of any biological context. DNA nanotechnology makes use of

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The implications of nanotechnology extend from its medical , ethical , mental , legal and environmental applications, to fields such as engineering, biology, chemistry, computing, materials science, military applications, and communications. Major benefits of nanotechnology include improved

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The Drexler–Smalley debate on molecular nanotechnology was a public dispute between K. Eric Drexler , founder of the field of molecular nanotechnology , and Richard Smalley , a recipient of the 1996 Nobel prize in Chemistry for the discovery of the nanomaterial buckminsterfullerene . The

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The history of nanotechnology traces the development of the concepts and experimental work falling under the broad category of nanotechnology . Although nanotechnology is a relatively recent development in scientific research, the development of its central concepts happened over a longer