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According to Islamic religious tradition, the new Muslims were often subjected to abuse and persecution in the early days of Islam at Mecca . Some were killed, such as Sumayyah bint Khabbab , the seventh convert to Islam, who was tortured first by Abu Jahl . [ 1 ] but even Muhammad was subjected

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The Macedonian Muslims ( Macedonian : Македонци-муслимани, Makedonci-muslimani ), also known as Muslim Macedonians , [ 5 ] Torbeš , ( Macedonian : Торбеш ); ( the latter name is slightly pejorative ), in older sources Pomaks [ 6 ] [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] are a minority | 2011/8/21 9:33:21

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leave them both".(4:16) [ 1 ] Diverse perspectives on homosexuality exist amongst new liberated Muslims , ranging from condemnation through to the Muslim Canadian Congress 's welcome for legislation redefining marriage to include same-sex partners. In the documentary, a number of Islamic | 2011/9/29 8:45:37

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values, guidelines, and principles. Islam also incorporates Jewish history as a part of its own. Muslims regard the Children of Israel as a central religious concept in Islam. This is evident by Moses being mentioned in the Qur’an more than any other prophet (including Mohammad ) and

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based on religious affiliation, belief, or practice, and religious prejudices remained prevalent. Muslims in the north, who express an interest in Christianity or convert to Christianity, faced strong social pressure to recant Contents 1 Religious demography 2 Status of religious | 2011/4/22 2:57:50

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cargo of export from Surat was silk and cotton and diamonds. [ edit ] The People Many Surti Muslims , who are commonly referred to as "Surtis" have some origins in Southern Arabia, specially from Saudi Arabia from the city of Taif and Madina, Hadramaut and from Iraq from the city of | 2011/10/4 1:56:38

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Most Greek-speaking Muslims in Greece left for Turkey during the 1920s population exchanges under the Treaty of Lausanne (sometimes in return for Turkish-speaking Christians), with the exception of the Muslims in Thrace, who are officially recognized as a minority. In Turkey, where most

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The following is a list of notable people who have been Muslims part of their lives, but left Islam for another religion or a non-religious worldview. Contents 1 Converted to a different Abrahamic religion 1.1 Converted to Christianity 1.2 Converted to the Bahá'í Faith

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The Bulgarian Muslims or Muslim Bulgarians ( Bulgarian : българи-мохамедани , as of recently also българи-мюсюлмани; locally called pomak , ahryan , poganets , marvak , poturnak ) are Bulgarians of the Islamic faith. [ 1 ] They are generally thought to

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and as such have developed a stronger identification with the Nepali state. However, the Tarai Muslims , on the other hand, like other Tarai communities, also continue to have strong ties -across the border and receive cultural sustenance from the larger Muslim population of Uttar Pradesh | 2011/7/24 15:29:58