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edit ] Risks of moisturizers Two factors have to be considered when assessing the safety of a moisturizer : The safety of the ingredients it contains. There are on-line databases like Skin Deep where consumers can get information about individual cosmet

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The first Neal's Yard Remedies shop opened in 1981 in a corner of Neal's Yard in Covent Garden . Romy Fraser, the founder, was interested in alternative medicine and wanted to bring together all the varying so called natural remedies available in one shop. [ 3 ] The shop offered a wide selection

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derived from the kernel of the "Karite" tree. Shea butter is known for its cosmetic properties as a moisturizer and emollient . [ edit ] Jojoba skin care Jojoba skin care is a natural remedy. Jojoba is a natural moisturizer for the skin. The oil is similar to the natural sebum of whale

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leading design studios, Landor . Spurred on by his NYC experience Hanlon began to develop an organic moisturizer for men that wasn't greasy and contained no mineral oil — something suitable for his own skin type. Hanlon's concept was developed while he worked closely with an industrial cosmetic

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Though some feminists in the 1970s continued to wear cosmetics, many others did not; Susan Brownmiller , for instance, called an unadorned face "the honorable new look of feminism". [ 2 ] The cosmetics industry, faced with increasing mainstream rejection of sexual objectification, began to

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Founded by model and actress, Mashiah Vaughn, Open Sundaes launched in 2005 on Valentines Day. The Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver, a AAA Five Diamond rated property, was the first to contract Open Sundaes body products into all of their rooms and in their gift shop. In 2007, the company turned

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Khush graduated from Florida International University and promptly delved into the entertainment industry as an independent director [ 4 ] and TV News Reporter for TV Asia [ 5 ] . She returned to the New York in 1999 to focus on other artistic endeavours and explore the possibility of creating

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The history of SK-II goes back over 30 years ago when a scientist in Japan noticed the very soft and youthful hands of women working in a Japanese saké brewery. After years of research the scientists were able to isolate the natural, nutrient-rich liquid which they called, Pitera. [ 1 ] In

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