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send plans for a mysterious machine. Directed by Robert Zemeckis . Written by James V. Hart and Michael Goldenberg , based on the novel by Carl Sagan . A message from deep space. Who will be the first to go? A journey to the heart of the universe. Taglines Contents 1 Ellie

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. It is a valiant but risky attempt and, truth be told, it is only partially successful. Michael Elliott, Movie Parables . The acting is ice cold. The dialogue is lethargic. And if we're going to sit through any movie that's 177 minutes, it better have some Hobbits in it. There

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I'm so happy That you love me. Life is lovely When you're near me. Tell me you will stay, Make me smile. Make Me Smile , written by James Pankow As time goes on, I realize Just what you mean To me. And now, Now that you're near, Promise your love That I've waited to share. And dreams Of our

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figure that's what they pay me for. The acting I do for free. Edward G. Robinson (born Emanuel Goldenberg ; December 12, 1893 — January 26, 1973) was a Romanian -born American actor. A popular star on stage and screen during "Hollywood's Golden Age", he appeared in 40 Broadway plays and