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Rethink Mental Illness print that page


states that it helps 48,000 people every year, and is for carers as well as those with a mental illness . It provides services (mainly community support, including supported housing projects), support groups, and information through a helpline and publications. The Rethink website receives

Mental illness in fiction print that page

Works of fiction dealing with mental illness include: Contents 1 Literature 2 Motion pictures 3 Television 4 See also 5 Notes [ edit ] Literature Ajax , circa 450 - 430 BCE tragedy by Sophocles Hamlet , circa 1600 tragedy by William Shakespeare Don Quixote , 1605 | 2011/8/8 10:17:48

Mental Illness Awareness Week print that page

An estimated 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and older - about one in four adults - suffer from a diagnosable mental illness in any given year. [ 2 ] However, stigma surrounding mental illness is a major barrier that prevents people from seeking the mental health treatment that they need | 2011/9/9 20:17:24

Creativity and mental illness print that page

related, particularly in pop psychology . Contents 1 History 2 Positive Mood, Mental Illness and Creativity 3 Creativity and bipolar disorder 3.1 What is bipolar disorder? 3.2 Creativity and psychopathology 3.3 Creativity and powerful emotions of bipolar disorder 3.4 | 2011/5/20 6:24:43

Mental illness in film print that page

A striking feature of the overwhelming majority of fictional (as distinct from documentary ) film presentations of psychiatric disorders is their gross distortion of the phenomena ostensibly portrayed. The films that do most closely adhere to psychiatric reality include some that are based | 2011/7/6 8:16:37

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Many films have portrayed mental illness or used it as a backdrop for other themes. Here is a list of some of these films, sorted by illness , regardless of whether the disorder is portrayed accurately or not. For example, although 50 First Dates presents a case of anterograde amnesia , | 2011/10/1 1:07:57

Human STX polysialyltransferase and its role in mental illness print that page

project: {{subst: proposed deletion notify |Human STX polysialyltransferase and its role in mental illness |concern=essay / original research}} ~~~~ Timestamp: 20110411103305 Contents 1 Mental Health 2 Facts and figures 3 Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia 4 Differences | 2011/4/12 4:58:29

Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia print that page

in contact with each other and exchange information and the latest research relating to mental illness . As time went on, the organisation became more and more sophisticated, moving into community education and advocacy. MIFA was formally formed in 1995, under the name Schizophrenia Fellowships | 2011/5/16 8:44:36

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related research. NIMH is the largest research organization in the world specializing in mental illness . Thomas R. Insel is the current Director of NIMH. The institute was first authorized by the U.S. Government in 1946, when then President Harry Truman signed into law the National Mental | 2011/8/2 8:18:00

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knowledge the psychiatric nurse must see patients as individual people with lives beyond their mental illness . Seeing people as individuals with lives beyond their mental illness is imperative in making patients feel valued and respected [ 7 ] In order to accept the patient as an individual