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Meg Griffin is a self-conscious teenage girl. Her insecurities cause her to desperately try to be part of the cool crowd, but this only results in her getting coldly rebuffed by Connie D'Amico , [ 1 ] a popular, attractive and egotistical cheerleader. However, another student named Neil Goldman

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Dallas Griffin , nephew of attorney Jessica Griffin , transferred to the Oakdale police department from Chicago and immediately came face to face with one of his first cases. Looking for his Aunt Jessica at the Hughes's house, Dallas unexpectedly came across a teenaged Maddie Coleman , a Chicago

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Primarily known for classic and modern rock music genres, Griffin began her disc jockey career in 1975 alongside Howard Stern at WRNW in Briarcliff Manor , New York . [ 5 ] Griffin later had stints at K-Rock (WXRK) and WNEW in New York City , WLIR and WBAI on Long Island , and WMMR

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Stewie is considered to be the show's breakout character . [ 3 ] Wizard magazine rated him the 95th greatest villain of all time. [ 4 ] Contents 1 Role in Family Guy 2 Development 2.1 Ambiguous sexuality 3 Reception 4 Merchandise and appearances in other media 5 References

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associated. Characters that appear in only one episode are not listed. Contents 1 The Griffin family 1.1 Other relatives of the Griffins 1.1.1 Peter's family 1.1.2 Lois's family 1.1.3 Brian's family 2 Neighbors 2.1 The Browns 2.2 The Goldmans 2.3 Quagmire 2

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Kelly returned for a second run in the role of Winston Mayer beginning on May 6, 2008, when Noah visited him in prison. Two weeks later he escaped and took Noah's green-card wife, Ameera , to New York City. He then tried to take Ameera back to Iraq, but when Luke and the police arrived, he

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She was involved with Dusty Donovan in the early years and even faked a pregnancy to trap him. Meg married Tonio Reyes, but she had an affair with Josh Stricklyn and became pregnant, losing the baby and had to have a hysterectomy. She later married Josh, and they left town. She returned

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Eliza Ryan Julia Kaplan & Madison Orofino (2008-2010) Eliza Ryan is the daughter of Paul Ryan & Meg Snyder . She was born on-screen December 18, 2008. Her paternal half-sister was Paul and his wife, Emily Stewart 's deceased daughter, Jennifer Ryan . Her godparents are Emily and her paternal

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Simon Frasier came to Oakdale with one goal: retrieving a family heirloom. Apparently his great-grandfather gave his lover, Beloved, a very valuable necklace and Simon was determined to retrieve it for himself. During his time in Oakdale, Simon takes an interest in Lily Snyder and doesn't

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Andy Dixon was born to Kim Sullivan and John Dixon during their tumultuous marriage. Although Andy had a stable childhood in the care of his mother, that didn't prevent him from succumbing to alcoholism at an early age. Andy started drinking when he was still a teenager. Though his family and

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