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Deanna: Captain. do what you must to protect the ship. But know this, I am going to have this baby [ edit ] Where Silence Has Lease [2.2] [An alien is impersonating Data.] Alien (as Data) : What is death? Jean-Luc Picard : Oh, is that all. Data, you're asking probably the most difficult

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Commander Geordi La Forge Michael Dorn Lt. Commander Worf Gates McFadden Dr. Beverly Crusher Marina Sirtis Counselor Cmdr. Deanna Troi Alfre Woodard Lily Sloane James Cromwell Dr. Zefram Cochrane Alice Krige The Borg Queen Neal McDonough Lieutenant Sean Hawk

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edit ] [Stewie is at a McDonald's Drive-Thru with the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation] Sirtis : Stewie, I'm not really much of a fast food eater. Stewie : Yeah? Can you read my mind? Can you tell what I'm thinking right now? I'm thinkin' "shut up and get a salad". Spiner : I want

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