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The MacArthur Fellows Program or MacArthur Fellowship ( nicknamed the Genius Award ) is an award given by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation each year to typically 20 to 40 United States citizens or residents, of any age and working in any field, who "show exceptional

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The following is a partial list of notable Brown University people , known as Brunonians . It includes alumni, professors, and others associated with Brown University and Pembroke College (Brown University) , the former women's college of Brown. This is an incomplete list , which may never

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In addition to selecting the MacArthur Fellows , also known as "genius grants," topics of interest to the foundation include international peace and security, conservation and sustainable development , population and reproductive health , human rights , international migration , community

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for research; Ten Freeman-Asia Awards for Study in Asia . Two Council of Undergraduate Research Fellows ; Seven Pfizer Corporation Fellowships for summer research (since 1991); One Jacob K. Javits Fellow for doctoral studies in humanities; Eight National Security Education Program (NSEP

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Taylor was born in Philadelphia to Joseph Hooton Taylor, Sr., and Sylvia Evans Taylor, both of whom had Quaker roots for many generations, and grew up in Cinnaminson Township, New Jersey . He attended the Moorestown Friends School in Moorestown, New Jersey , where he excelled in math. [

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science 1.1.3 Peace 1.1.4 Physics 1.1.5 Physiology or medicine 1.2 Faculty, research fellows and others 1.2.1 Chemistry 1.2.2 Economic science 1.2.3 Literature 1.2.4 Peace 1.2.5 Physics 1.2.6 Physiology or medicine 2 Fields Medalists 3 Crafoord Prize 4 Templeton

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researchers have won 66 Nobel Prizes , 9 Wolf Prizes , 7 Fields Medals , 15 Turing Awards , 45 [ 5 ] MacArthur Fellowships , 20 Academy Awards , and 11 Pulitzer Prizes . To date, UC Berkeley and its researchers are associated with 6 chemical elements of the periodic table ( Californium

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U.S. State courts 2.6.5 Government and other lawyers, legal academia 2.7 Literature 2.8 MacArthur Fellowship Winners 2.9 Medicine 2.10 Military 2.11 Music 2.12 News 2.13 Politics and government 2.13.1 Cabinet and subcabinet members and prominent non-U.S. government figures

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This is a list of encyclopedic persons (students, alumni, faculty or academic affiliates) associated with Stanford University in the United States. Contents 1 University presidents 2 Provosts 3 Notable Stanford alumni 3.1 Academics 3.1.1 Academia Generally 3.1.2 Computer

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Founded under the auspices of the Methodist Episcopal Church and with the support of prominent residents of Middletown, the now secular university was the first institution of higher education to be named after John Wesley , the founder of Methodism . About twenty unrelated colleges and universities