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A mechanical linkage is an assembly of bodies connected together to manage forces and movement. The movement of a body, or link, is studied using geometry so the link is considered to be rigid. The connections between links are modeled as providing ideal movement, pure rotation or sliding

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An automatic transmission (also called automatic gearbox ) is one type of motor vehicle transmission that can automatically change gear ratios as the vehicle moves, freeing the driver from having to shift gears manually . Most automatic transmissions have a defined set of gear ranges, often

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A mechanical system manages power to accomplish a task that involves forces and movement. Mechanical is derived from the Latin word machina , [ 1 ] which in turn derives from the Doric Greek μαχανά (machana), Ionic Greek μηχανή (mechane) "contrivance, machine, engine

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The mechanical properties of a machine manage power to achieve desired forces and movement. Modern machines often include computers and sensors that monitor performance and plan movement, and are called mechanical systems . The meaning of the word "machine" is traced by the Oxford English

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The Holden Commodore is an automobile manufactured since 1978 by the Holden subsidiary of General Motors (GM) in Australia, and, formerly, in New Zealand. In the mid-1970s, Holden established proposals to replace the long-serving Kingswood nameplate with a smaller, Opel -based model. Opel

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arm attached to the axis of the sector moves the Pitman arm , which is connected to the steering linkage and thus steers the wheels. The recirculating ball version of this apparatus reduces the considerable friction by placing large ball bearings between the teeth of the worm and those of

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A steam engine is a heat engine that performs mechanical work using steam as its working fluid . Steam engines are typically external combustion engines , [ 1 ] where the working fluid is separate from the combustion products. Non-combustion heat sources such as solar power , nuclear

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The Snowdon Mountain Railway (SMR) ( Welsh : Rheilffordd yr Wyddfa ) is a narrow gauge rack and pinion mountain railway in Gwynedd , north-west Wales . It is a tourist railway that travels for 4.7 miles (7.6 km) from Llanberis to the summit of Snowdon , the highest peak in England and

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an actuator, an hydraulic cylinder, which is part of a servo system. These systems have a direct mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the linkage that steers the wheels. This means that power-steering system failure (to augment effort) still permits the vehicle to be steered

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A player piano (also known as pianola or autopiano ) is a self-playing piano , containing a pneumatic or electro mechanical mechanism that operates the piano action via pre-programmed music perforated paper, or in rare instances, metallic rolls . The rise of the player piano grew with