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A lathe (   / ˈ l eɪ ð / ) is a machine tool which rotates the workpiece on its axis to perform various operations such as cutting , sanding , knurling , drilling , or deformation with tools that are applied to the workpiece to create an object which has symmetry about an axis of

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A metal lathe or metalworking lathe is a large class of lathes designed for precisely machining relatively hard materials. They were originally designed to machine metals ; however, with the advent of plastics and other materials, and with their inherent versatility, they are used in

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An automatic lathe is a lathe (usually a metalworking lathe ) whose actions are controlled automatically . Although all electronically controlled ( CNC ) lathes are automatic, they are usually not called by that name, as explained under " General nomenclature ". The first kinds of automatic

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A lathe faceplate is the basic workholding accessory for a wood or metal turning lathe . It is a circular metal (usually cast iron) plate which fixes to the end of the lathe spindle . The workpiece is then clamped to the faceplate, typically using t-nuts in slots in the faceplate, or less

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A micro lathe (also styled micro lathe or microlathe ) is a machine tool used for the complex shaping of metal and other solid materials . Micro lathes are related to (full-sized) lathes but are distinguished by their small size and differing capabilities, application, use, and locations

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The turret lathe is a form of metalworking lathe that is used for repetitive production of duplicate parts, which by the nature of their cutting process are usually interchangeable . It evolved from earlier lathes with the addition of the turret, which is an indexable toolholder that allows

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A lathe center , often shortened to center , is a tool that has been ground to a point as to accurately position a workpiece about an axis. They usually have an included angle of 60°, but in heavy machining situation an angle of 75° is used. [ 1 ] The primary use of a center is to ensure

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A screw-cutting lathe is a machine (specifically, a lathe ) capable of cutting very accurate screw threads via single-point screw-cutting , which is the process of guiding the linear motion of the tool bit in a precisely known ratio to the rotating motion of the workpiece. This is accomplished

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A pole lathe is a wood-turning lathe that uses a long pole as a return spring for a treadle . Pressing the treadle with your foot pulls on a cord that is wrapped around the piece of wood or billet being turned . The other end of the cord reaches up to the end of a long springy pole. As

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A geometric lathe was used for making ornamental patterns on the plates used in printing bank notes and postage stamps. It is sometimes called a Guilloché lathe . It was developed early in the nineteenth century when efforts were introduced to combat forgery, and is an adaptation of an

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