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intelligible [ citation needed ] , somewhat analogous to the species barrier in biology . Language contact can occur at language borders , [ 2 ] between adstratum languages, or as the result of migration , with an intrusive language acting as either a superstratum or a substratum . Language | 2011/9/14 23:00:11

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A creole language , or simply a creole , is a stable, natural language developed from the mixing of parent languages; creoles differ from pidgins (which are believed by scholars [ who? ] to be necessary precedents of creoles) in that they have been nativized by children as their primary

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the Karaim language 2 Language ecology 2.1 Distribution of Karaim speakers 2.2 Language contact 2.3 Multilingualism 2.4 Language health 3 Phonology 3.1 Consonant inventory 3.2 Vowel inventory 3.3 Phonotactics 4 Morphology 5 Syntax 6 Writing system 7 References | 2011/7/29 7:43:35

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the United States of America and Canada . The best known is Plains Standard Sign Language , a contact language ( international auxiliary language ) used between these peoples. Contents 1 History 2 Geography 3 See also 4 References 5 Further reading 6 External links

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ISBN 90 71042 44 8 P.150 [ edit ] Further reading De Gruiter, Miel (1994). "Javindo, a contact language in pre-war Semarang". In Peter Bakker & Maarten Mous. Mixed Languages: 15 Case Studies in Language Intertwining . Amsterdam: IFOTT. pp. 151–159.   De Gruiter, Victor Emile | 2011/5/22 8:29:20

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respectively and Irish Sign Language to Sydney in Roman Catholic schools for the deaf. The language contact post secondary education between Australian ISL users and 'Australian BSL' users accounts for some of the dialectal differences we see between modern BSL and Auslan. Tertiary education | 2011/9/5 9:50:48

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components that can be called language. Kegl argues that following an intermediate stage where deaf contact gesturers came together and developed a contact communication sufficient to make young children think their input was a language to be acquired, the first generation of young children | 2011/5/26 19:23:03

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Besides North America, ASL is also used, sometimes alongside indigenous sign languages, in the Philippines , Malaysia , Singapore , the Dominican Republic , El Salvador , Haiti , Puerto Rico , Côte d'Ivoire , Burkina Faso , Ghana , Togo , Benin , Nigeria , Chad , Gabon , the Democratic Republic

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In linguistics , a koiné language ( common language in Greek ) is a standard language or dialect that has arisen as a result of contact between two mutually intelligible varieties (dialects) of the same language. Since the speakers have understood one another from before the advent of | 2011/7/18 15:22:25

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Lanka which has evolved to be significantly divergent from other varieties of Malay due to intimate contact with the dominant languages of Sinhala and Tamil . The language is exclusively spoken by Sri Lankan Malays , whose ancestry include laborers brought by the Dutch and British, as well | 2011/5/21 20:54:49