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Santa Monica , California , Anger would later claim to have been a child actor who appeared in the film A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935), although the accuracy of this claim has come under dispute. He began making short films when he was ten years old, although his first film to gain any

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Campbell held that numerous myths from disparate times and regions share fundamental structures and stages, which he summarized in The Hero with a Thousand Faces : “ A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered

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An art film (also known as art movie , specialty film , art house film , or in the collective sense as art cinema ) is the result of filmmaking which is typically a serious, independent film aimed at a niche market rather than a mass market audience . [ 1 ] Film critics and film

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He is best known for the dream-based comics he published in his magazine Jim , and as the creator of the anthropomorphic cartoon character Frank , who has appeared in a number of short comic stories and in two graphic novels . Woodring has won or been nominated for a number of awards, and

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, and the second based on Alice's encounter with the Queen, who had a similar labyrinth in the film . The goal of the maze is to reach the Queen of Hearts's Castle, where one can obtain an aerial view of the Fantasyland section of the park. One can exit the maze prior to entering the second

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Joseph Campbell was born and raised in White Plains , New York [ 2 ] in an upper middle class Roman Catholic family. As a child Campbell became fascinated with Native American culture after his father took him to see the American Museum of Natural History in New York where he saw on display

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Musicals are performed all around the world. They may be presented in large venues, such as big budget West End and Broadway theatre productions in London and New York City , or in smaller fringe theatre , Off-Broadway or regional theatre productions, on tour, or by amateur groups in

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Henson, who was born in Mississippi, and educated at University of Maryland, College Park , was one of the most widely known puppeteers in history. [ 1 ] He created Sam and Friends as a freshman in College Park. After suffering struggles with programs that he created, he eventually was selected

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Among his awards are: Hugo Awards , in 1963 for The Dragon Masters , in 1967 for The Last Castle , and in 2010 for his memoir This is Me, Jack Vance! ; a Nebula Award in 1966, also for The Last Castle ; the Jupiter Award in 1975; the World Fantasy Award in 1984 for life achievement and in

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Levin reviewed television for The Manchester Guardian and wrote a weekly political column noted for its irreverence in The Spectator . During the 1960s he wrote five columns a week for The Daily Mail on any subject that he chose. After a disagreement with the proprietor of the paper over