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Introduced on the T-80U tank in 1985, Kontakt -5 is made up of "bricks" of explosive sandwiched between two metal plates. The plates are arranged in such a way as to move sideways rapidly when the explosive detonates. This will force an incoming kinetic energy penetrator or shaped charge

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The T-62 is a Soviet main battle tank , a further development of the T-55 . Its 115 mm gun was the first smoothbore tank gun in use. The T-62 was produced between 1961 and 1975. It became a standard tank in the Soviet arsenal, partly replacing the T-55, although that tank continued to

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original version pushing for a stable interface to work with pitched musical sound. Some say that Kontakt 's main focus was interface design , enabling musicians to quickly and painlessly create their own instruments based on sampling sound sources. Kontakt 2, released in 2005, extended | 2011/9/5 5:28:33

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Kontakt From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Kontakt may refer to: Kontakt (software) , a software sampler by Native Instruments Kontakt (film) , a 2005 Macedonian film directed by Sergej Stanojkovski [ edit ] See also Contact disambiguation | 2011/5/25 9:43:44

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armored vehicles. However, this effect has been reduced by modern reactive armor (like the Russian Kontakt -5 ) which led to the rapid development of the M829A2 and later the M829A3 (which led to Russian development of 'Relikt' ERA). [ edit ] M829A2 M-829A2 cross-section The M829A2

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The T-80 is a main battle tank (MBT) designed and manufactured in the former Soviet Union . A development of the T-64 , it entered service in 1976 and was the first production tank to be equipped with a gas turbine engine for main propulsion. [ nb 1 ] The T-80U was last produced in a factory

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This article deals with the history of tanks of the Soviet Union. World War I established the validity of the tank concept. After the war, many nations needed to have tanks, but only a few had the industrial resources to design and build them. During and after World War I, Britain and France

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A tank is a tracked , armoured fighting vehicle designed for front-line combat which combines operational mobility , tactical offensive , and defensive capabilities. Firepower is normally provided by a large- calibre main gun in a rotating turret and secondary machine guns , while heavy

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The M1 Abrams is a third-generation main battle tank produced in the United States . It is named after General Creighton Abrams , former Army Chief of Staff and Commander of US military forces in Vietnam from 1968 to 1972. The M1 is a well armed, heavily armored, and highly mobile tank

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ERA plates optional Primary armament D-81T 125 mm smoothbore gun Secondary armament 7.62 mm PKMT coax machine gun, 12.7 mm NSVT antiaircraft machine gun Engine 5DTF 5-cyl. diesel 700 hp (522 kW) Power/weight 18.4 hp/tonne (13.7 kW/ton) Suspension Torsion bar