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Kenneth L. Johnson From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Kenneth L. Johnson is a British engineer. He won the Royal Medal in 2003 [ 1 ] and the 2006 Timoshenko Medal . [ 2 ] [ edit ] References ^ "Royal Medal Winners: 2007 - 1990" . http:/

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editor of the paper at age 25, within six months of his hire at the Morning News. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] Johnson moved to Washington, D.C. in 1965, where he spent a year as an assistant to George Elliott Hagan , a Democratic Party member of Congress from Georgia . He was hired as night city editor

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having been introduced to the church by Pamela Wilson; he was baptized by Wilson's father Tom. Johnson married Pam Wilson on March 24, 1962. They have a child, Kevin Johnson . Johnson was employed as a printer but switched to being an insurance broker in 1964. For a time, Johnson served

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A native of Pine Bluff, Arkansas , Johnson is a graduate of the Carnegie Institute of Technology . His early TV work includes The Six Million Dollar Man , The Bionic Woman and The Incredible Hulk . Johnson created the character of Jaime Sommers and the Bionic Woman series. In 1983, he

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He has had roles on The Young and the Restless , Days of our Lives , and North Shore and won a role in the Aaron Spelling pilot Hotel . Johnson is also the lead singer of the band Solid Jones. He has had guest appearances on The OC and the show Miami 7 . Contents 1 Career 2 Filmography

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Born Kenneth Allen Johnson in New Haven, Connecticut but raised in Vermont , Johnson got his start in television commercials , including one of the very first ads for LA Gear . A former champion arm wrestler , he appeared as bit characters in various television programs, such as Family Matters

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He was born in Saint-Louis-de-Kent, New Brunswick and educated at Dalhousie University and the University of Moncton . Johnson was a municipal administrator in Saint-Louis-de-Kent. He also served as president and director for the local Caisse-Populaire. Johnson died at the age of 60, apparently

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Ken Johnson From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Ken Johnson or Kenneth Johnson or Kenny Johnson may refer to: [ edit ] Sports personalities Ken Johnson (American football) , defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals, played 1970–1977

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At the start of his career, Johnson did a stint in Texas All-Star Wrestling, managing Madd Maxx and Lord Humongous . He left TASW for Kansas City 's Central States Wrestling to become "The Doctor of Style", Slick, characterized by his smooth attitude, confident speech, and dancing as he accompanied

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Pitching for the Houston Colt .45s on April 23, 1964, Johnson gave up no hits in a 1-0 loss to the Cincinnati Reds . The game's only run was scored after Pete Rose reached second base on an error (by Johnson himself), went to third on a ground-out, and scored on a second error. The following