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The Karelian Isthmus ( Russian : Карельский перешеек ) is the approximately 45–110 km wide stretch of land, situated between the Gulf of Finland and Lake Ladoga in northwestern Russia , to the north of the River Neva (between 61°21’N, 59°46’N and 27°42’E

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Although The Karelian Isthmus took its name from a historic Finnish battleground, Karelian Isthmus , its lyrics focus on Amorphis's well known epic themes from the history of Finnish warfare and religion , but drawing more into celtic mythology rather than the later traditions of Amorphis

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Lake Glubokoye Karelian Isthmus ) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Lake Glubokoye Location Vyborgsky District, Leningrad Oblast Coordinates 60°33′19″N 29°18′44″E / 60.55528°N 29.31222°E / 60.55528; 29.31222

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The old Karelian railroad ( Finnish : Karjalan rata ) between Viipuri (Viborg) and Joensuu is a railway with 1,524 mm (5 ft)  broad gauge , which used to link Joensuu , Sortavala , Hiitola , Antrea (now Kamennogorsk) and Viipuri ( Vyborg ). Originally built in 1892-1894 by Finnish

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This is a comprehensive list of the vascular plants of the Karelian Isthmus , a land mass in Russia connected to Finland on one side and otherwise surrounded by three bodies of water: the Gulf of Finland , the Neva River , and Lake Ladoga . Contents 1 Pteridophyta 1.1 Aspleniaceae | 2010/9/26 17:25:33

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navigation , search Paltsevo ( Russian : Па́льцево ; Finnish : Tali ) is a rural locality on Karelian Isthmus , in Vyborgsky District of Leningrad Oblast , where the battle of Tali-Ihantala took place in 1944, and a station of the Vyborg-Joensuu railroad . Coordinates : 60 | 2010/9/25 19:48:10

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The Army of the Isthmus ( Finnish : Kannaksen Armeija , Kan.A ) was a formation of the Finnish Army during the Winter War . It was stationed on the Karelian Isthmus and was the largest formation of the Finnish Army, as it was charged to defend the important isthmus . [ edit ] Organisation

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their first language. The North Karelians include the Olonets and the Ludes, speakers of Olonets Karelian language and Ludic language live in the Russian Republic of Karelia . [ 13 ] Contents 1 History 2 Language 3 Religion 4 Demographics 5 Culture 6 See also 7 References

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The republic existed from 1940 until it was merged back into the Russian SFSR in 1956 (as the Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic ). Contents 1 History 2 Politics 2.1 Chairmen of the Supreme Soviet [4] 2.2 Chairmen of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet 2.3 Chairmen

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