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The word juggling derives from the Middle English jogelen (to entertain by performing tricks), in turn from the Old French jangler . There is also the Late Latin form joculare of Latin joculari , meaning to jest. [ 1 ] Juggling " may be used metaphorically, like "multi-tasking," to

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Many of the techniques found in contact juggling , such as balancing or rolling a single ball or palm spinning (see " Baoding Balls "), have been performed for centuries. More variations were introduced by vaudevillians such as Paul Cinquevalli . In 1986, American juggler Tony Duncan was reported

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A skill toy of Asian origin, the Meteor consists of a rope, usually between 5 and 8 feet long, with weights attached to either end [ 1 ] . Tricks are performed by swinging, wrapping and throwing the Meteor about the body. [ edit ] Origins The Meteor originated in China in prehistorical

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The two most common wicks used with juggling torches are: Kevlar para-aramid Cotton Both materials come in reels of material ranging from 13mm to 180 mm wide and up to 100 m long. Around 40–80 cm of wick is wrapped onto each torch. In general, it is best to use hard limiting devices

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Many countries, cities or juggling clubs hold their own annual juggling convention . These are the backbone of the juggling scene , the events that regularly bring jugglers from a wide area together to socialize. The attendance of a convention can be anything from a few dozen to a few thousand

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In toss juggling , objects — such as balls , bean bags , fruit , clubs , etc. — are thrown or tossed into the air and caught. Multiple objects may be thrown in succession, so that at a given point, some are in the air, going up, some are falling back towards the juggler's hands, some are

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The term juggling club" can also mean a social organization where jugglers meet to practice and socialize. Clubs are sometimes referred to as "pins" due to their resemblance to bowling pins . However, the two vary greatly in construction, weight and weight distribution , and are not interchangeable

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This page lists many dates in which juggling has been recorded throughout history from 1994 BC to 1947 AD. This Egyptian wall painting (c. 1994-1781 BC) appears to depict toss jugglers Seated girl juggling . Fragmented tondo of an Attic red-figure kylix , 470–460 BC, Regional

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Juggling balls are usually the first props that beginners attempt to juggle with, due to their simplicity (compared to other juggling props) and availability. Additionally, many common types of balls can function as juggling balls for a beginning juggler (such as tennis balls or baseballs

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While diagrams are the most visual and reader-friendly way to notate many juggling patterns, they rely on images, so are complicated to produce and unwieldy to share via text or speech. Ladder diagrams - Each rung on the "ladder" represents a point in time (or "beat"). The juggled objects

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