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Captain Ernest James Salter was a Canadian World War I flying ace credited with nine aerial victories. He would return to service during World War II. Contents 1 Early life 2 World War I 3 List of aerial victories 4 Post World War I 5 Reference 6 Endnotes [ edit ] | 2011/9/16 16:56:41

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As a boy, Perring led the soprano chorus at Her Majesty's Theatre before entering the Royal Academy of Music , studying under Sir Julius Benedict . He later studied in Italy and became a good friend of singer Sims Reeves . On his return to England, Perring commenced a successful career as | 2011/3/28 13:52:58

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James Alfred Ernest Corea grew up in the west coast town of Chilaw . His mother, Henrietta, sent him to be educated at one of the leading educational institutions in Sri Lanka, St.Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia, he excelled in his studies. His younger brother, Victor, also joined him at St

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In his first professional acting performance, he danced dressed as a woman in the chorus line of the 1919 revue Every Sailor . He spent several years in vaudeville as a hoofer and comedian, until he got his first major acting part in 1925. He secured several other roles, receiving good notices

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James spent the last 53 years of his life in England, becoming a British subject in 1915, one year before his death. He is primarily known for the series of novels in which he portrays the encounter of Americans with Europe and Europeans. His method of writing from the point of view of a character

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He is often grouped today with his contemporaries John O'Hara and John P. Marquand , but his work is generally considered more challenging. Despite initial critical acclaim, his popularity came gradually. Cozzens was a critic of modernism, and he was quoted in a featured article in Time as | 2011/7/20 19:33:34

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Forrestal was a supporter of naval battle groups centered on aircraft carriers . In 1954, the world's first supercarrier was named USS  Forrestal in his honor, as is the headquarters of the United States Department of Energy . He is also the namesake of the Forrestal Lecture Series at the

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Born in Westmoreland County , Virginia , Monroe fought in the American Revolutionary War . After studying law under Thomas Jefferson from 1780 to 1783, he served as a delegate in the Continental Congress . As an anti-federalist delegate to the Virginia convention that considered ratification

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James Brown was born in Barnwell, South Carolina on May 3, 1933 to Susie Brown and Joseph ("Joe") Gardner (who changed his surname to Brown after Mattie Brown who raised him). Although Brown was to be named after his father Joseph, his first and middle names were mistakenly reversed on his

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Toney's amateur boxing record is 33 fights, 31 wins and 2 losses with 29 KOs. He won the 1983 and 1984 West Michigan Division Junior Title (156 lb), 1987 Novice Golden Gloves in Manchester (156 lb), 1987 Michigan Silver Gloves (156 lb) and 1988 Ohio State Fair (156 lb) Toney had his first