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On the other side of the border, 7 kilometres (4 mi) away from the centre of Imatra , lies the Russian town of Svetogorsk . St Petersburg is situated 210 km (130 mi) to the southeast, Finland's capital Helsinki is 230 km (140 mi) away and Lappeenranta , the nearest Finnish town, is 37

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article is based on material found in the equivalent Finnish Wikipedia article, Elokuvateatteri Imatra .

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1520 Imatra From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Imatra Discovery Discovered by Vaisala, Y. Discovery site Turku Discovery date October 22, 1938 Designations MPC designation 1520 Named after Imatra Alternate name(s

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The Battle of Tali-Ihantala (June 25 to July 9, 1944) was part of the Continuation War (1941–1944), which occurred during World War II . The battle was fought between Finnish forces—using war material provided by Germany —and Soviet forces. To date, it is the largest battle in the

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Coat of arms Capital Viipuri ¹ President  - 1918-1920 Antti Verner Hackzell  - 1925-1944 Arvo Manner History  -  Established December 6 1743  -  Moscow Peace Treaty March 21, 1940  -  Moscow Armistice September 19, 1944  -  Paris Peace Treaty

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The history of rail transport in Finland began on January 31 1862 , with the opening of the railway line between Helsinki and Hämeenlinna . By 1900 most of the future main lines had been constructed, including the line to St. Petersburg. [ 1 ] By the time of the birth of the new Finnish

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The Vyborg–Petrozavodsk Offensive or Karelian offensive [ Notes 4 ] was a strategic operation by the Soviet Leningrad and Karelian Fronts against Finland on the Karelian Isthmus and East Karelia fronts of the Continuation War , on the Eastern Front of World War II . The Soviet forces

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In 1894, a Finnish author and photographer I. K. Inha wrote in his diaries concerning his journey to White Karelia , that the game he had discovered was almost extinct and it was only played in remote villages. In Karelia around lake Ladoga people knew about the game in Suojarvi and Salmi

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Saimaa region. Lake Saimaa offers a waterway connection to the cities of the Finnish Lakeland : Imatra , Joensuu , Kuopio, Lappeenranta , Mikkeli , Savonlinna and Varkaus . Vuoksi River flows from Saimaa to Lake Ladoga (Russia). Saimaa Canal connects Saimaa with the Gulf of Finland

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Finnish is the eponymous member of the Finnic language family and is typologically between fusional and agglutinative languages . It modifies and inflects the forms of nouns , adjectives , pronouns , numerals and verbs , depending on their roles in the sentence . Contents 1 Classification