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Hong Kong teenager murders mother and sister print that page


A 15-year-old boy from Tsuen Wan , Hong Kong murdered his mother and sister with a chopper in the early hours of Thursday morning. Police records show that the teenager had no record of drug abuse or mental illness, and was known by neighbours to be a well behaved, polite boy. The only clue

Uproar over light sentence of Hong Kong judge's niece print that page

Politician Ronny Tong 'called for clarification over sentencing standards', according to The Standard . Police Inspectors' Association chairman Liu Kit-ming said that the police were worried about this case as well as future treatment of such cases. He also said that the case may give the | 2015/7/10 22:06:30

Hong Kong Democratic Party stirs up universal suffrage reform package controversy print that page

by proposing a revision of the 2012 constitutional package regarding the universal suffrage in Hong Kong , which the local government as well as the National People's Congress, accepted. The Legislative Council (LegCo) lawmakers are scheduled to cast their ballots tomorrow to decide whether | 2015/7/10 2:24:55

Hong Kong's only railway company modifies regulations print that page


The MTR Corporation , the only railway company in Hong Kong since the rail merge in 2007, has loosened their rules. The corporation proposed the new modifications, then transferred the proposal to the Legislative Council, and will be effective from September 2010. The new set of rules

Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa officially resigns print that page

After a week of swirling rumors, Hong Kong 's leader Tung Chee-hwa announced at a press conference today at 5:36 p.m. that, "An hour ago, I tendered my resignation as Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to the Central Government." It has not yet been officially | 2015/7/10 2:24:49

Chinese Wikimania 2006 to be held in Hong Kong print that page


conference (2006中文維基年會), which is scheduled on the 26th and 27th of August this year. Hong Kong has been selected, from six candidate cities, to hold the event. During selection of the host city, the Chinese community favored Hong Kong mostly, while Taipei was the second

Demonstration in Hong Kong denounces WTO print that page


Anti-globalization protesters in Hong Kong began a series of demonstrations on Sunday to denounce this week's World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting. Around 3,000 protesters with signs reading "Junk the WTO" and "Life is not for sale", took to the streets in a carnival atmosphere. "We

Ferries collide between Hong Kong and Macau in fog print that page


One hundred and thirty three people were injured, nineteen of them seriously, when two high-speed ferries travelling between Hong Kong and Macau collided in heavy fog on Friday. Ten crew members were also injured but no deaths have been reported. The two high-speed Boeing 929 - 100 Jetfoil

Hong Kong Disneyland opens to the public print that page


The park, located in Penny's Bay , Lantau Island , is the major attraction at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort , which also features two luxurious hotels and a recreational lake with stunning views of local Hong Kong scenery, unlike previous Disney theme parks . Chinese Vice President Zeng

Hong Kong Makes First File-Sharing Arrest print that page

A 38 year-old man has been arrested by the Customs and Excise Department of Hong Kong , for illegally distributing three copyrighted movies via BitTorrent file-sharing technology. This is the world's first criminal arrest of its kind. The unemployed male was arrested last Thursday for | 2015/7/10 2:25:07