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The Mills Observatory in Dundee , Scotland , is the only full-time public astronomical observatory in the UK [ 1 ] . Built in 1935, the observatory is classically styled in sandstone and has a distinctive 7 m dome, which houses a Victorian refracting telescope , a small planetarium , and

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Within the musical theatre at the beginning of the 17th century the traditional intermedio —a musical sequence between the acts of a straight play—was evolving into the form of a complete musical drama or "opera". Monteverdi's L'Orfeo moved this process out of its experimental era, and

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In mathematics , the Siegel upper half space of degree g (or genus g ) (also called the Siegel upper half-plane ) is the set of g  ×  g symmetric matrices over the complex numbers whose imaginary part is positive definite . It is named in honor of Carl Ludwig Siegel . In the case | 2011/5/19 1:59:12

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The South End Lower Roxbury Open Space Land Trust (SELROSLT) is a membership-supported, non-profit organization that owns, protects, and manages 16 community gardens and pocket parks in the South End and Lower Roxbury neighborhoods of Boston , in the U.S. state of Massachusetts . It

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Illinois , was the largest building in the world with 4,000,000 square feet (372,000 m 2 ) of floor space . [ 1 ] [ 2 ] Previously owned by the Marshall Field family , the Mart centralized Chicago's wholesale goods business by consolidating vendors and trade under a single roof. [ 2 ]

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Ethan Winthrop is the only child of Sam Bennett and Ivy Winthrop . He was born during the mid-1970s. His mother was deeply in love with his father, but Ethan's grandfather, former governor Harrison Winthrop, saw to it that the young lovers stay separated. Ivy and Sam discovered her father

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Arthur Miller died on this day. [ edit ] February 11 , 2005 Eason Jordan resigns from his posts at CNN , where he has been both chief news executive and executive vice president. The controversy that led to his resignation began at the World Economic Forum in Davos , Switzerland last | 2011/3/27 11:22:38

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Interpretations of Guernica vary widely and contradict one another. This extends, for example, to the mural's two dominant elements: the bull and the horse. Art historian Patricia Failing said, "The bull and the horse are important characters in Spanish culture. Picasso himself certainly used

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The two main areas of Norvelt are “A” section and “B” section, connected into one 2-mile (3.2 km) loose circle made up of East Laurel Circle and West Laurel Circle running on either side of Mt. Pleasant Road. Both circles are built into the rolling hills, and the tree-lined roads. | 2011/3/31 23:17:48

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Miriya, when Max and Miriya are asked by Admiral Gloval to bring Dana along on a mission into deep space to capture the last remaining Zentraedi Satellite factory in June 2013. As Dana is only eight months old, a specially designed "cradle pod", with a heavily-padded interior, is installed