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The term Hadīth (   / ˈ h æ d ɪ θ / [ 1 ] or / h ɑː ˈ d iː θ / [ 2 ] ) (plural: hadith , hadiths, or ahadith ) is used to denote a saying, act or tacit approval, validly or invalidly, ascribed to the Islamic prophet Muhammad . [ 3 ] Hadith are regarded by traditional Islamic

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A common historical method in Islam , hadith studies consist of a careful examination of the isnad , or chain of transmission accompanying each hadith .The isnad is carefully scrutinized to see if the chain is possible (for example, making sure that all transmitters and transmittees were

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Hence, Hadith Qudsi rank as a source of Islamic knowledge below the Qur'an but above all other hadiths. A well-known text among Muslims is the 40 Hadith Qudsi . An example of a Hadith Qudsi is: On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (radi Allahu 'anhu), who said that the Messenger of God

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A Hadith , a recorded oral tradition, is attached to a prediction in the Qur'anic Sura ar-Rum . More traditions can be found in the books dealing with the Life of the Prophet, as well as the Quranic Tafaseer (exegeses). Contents 1 Introduction 1.1 The Qur'anic quote 1.2 Hadith

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In the contemporary sense, it refers to a reformist movement. [ 1 ] The term Ahl al Hadith is often used interchangeably with the term Salafi , [ 2 ] and proponents prefer to call themselves Salafis , although they are often called Wahhabis by their adversaries. [ 1 ] The term Ahle Hadees

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Talib Schools of Law ( Shariah ) Hanafi • Shafi`i • Maliki • Hanbali • Ahle Hadith Schools of Theology Maturidi • Ash'ari • Athari Modern Movements Barelvi • Salafi • Deobandi Hadith Collections Sahih Bukhari • Sahih Muslim Al

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It has been suggested that there exists around the Hadith three major sources of corruption: political conflicts, sectarian prejudice, and the desire to translate the underlying meaning, rather than the original words verbatim. [ 1 ] Orthodox Muslims do not deny the existence of false hadith

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The Science of hadith ( Arabic : علم الحديث ˤulūm al-ḥadīth ‎) is a general category consisting of the numerous disciplines used in the study of hadith . [ 1 ] It is the process that Muslim scholars use to evaluate hadith , utilizing hadith terminology . It has been described

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than a hundred years after the death of Muhammad in 632. According to Muslims , the collection of hadith or sayings by or about the prophet Muhammad was a meticulous and thorough process that began right at the time of Muhammad. Needless to say hadith collection (even in the written form

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The famous recorded oral tradition among Muslims (Arabic: Hadith ) is about the legality of temporary marriage (Arabic: Nikah Mut'ah ) and the Battle of Khaybar . Although that narration is quoted and referred to, it is not given any formal name, in contrast to other hadith such as the

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