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of mansions and castles by King Gustav I in 1526. The King tore it down, and built a fortified castle with circular corner towers and a wall, for defensive purposes. Of the original medieval fortress, only the façade of a wall remains. Since Gustav Vasa, Gripsholm has belonged to the Swedish

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Eriksson from the Swedish throne and offering it to the Duke's son. [ edit ] Authority From the Gripsholm Castle in Mariefred , which he built, [ 7 ] Bo Jonsson governed the entire valley of Lake Mälaren , Hälsingland , all of Finland , large parts of Västergötland , Eastern Östergötlan | 2010/9/27 0:10:31

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From 1942 to 1946 , the United States Department of State chartered Gripsholm as an exchange and repatriation ship, carrying Japanese [ 1 ] and German nationals to exchange points where she then picked up Americans and Canadians (and British married to Americans or Canadians) to bring

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following year. So great expectations arose at Maria Eleonora's third pregnancy in 1626, and the castle filled with shouts of joy when on December 8 , she delivered a child that was first taken for a boy - he was so hairy and screamed with a strong, hoarse voice. Christina writes in her autobiography

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heavy seas off Algoa Bay in South Africa . [ edit ] External links The Great Ocean Liners: Gripsholm (II) A Tribute to the Swedish American Line: Gripsholm 1957-1975 (Swedish) Fakta om Fartyg: MS Gripsholm (1957) This article about a specific cruise ship is a stub . You can

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Tours as part of a 6 month deal. [ 4 ] While in service with Transocean Tours she was renamed MS Gripsholm . During this time she was damaged by fire. She was sold to Saga Shipping in 1997, who renamed her MS Saga Rose . The ship was refurbished prior to entering service with her new owners

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Karin was the daughter of Måns, first soldier and later jailkeeper (her last name was a patronymicon meaning "daughter of Måns") and his wife Ingrid. Her mother came from a family of peasants in Uppland , and was said to have sold vegetables on the square. Both her parents are believed to

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Flag Capital Gripsholm History  - Established 1634  - Disestablished 1683 The County of Gripsholm , or Gripsholms län , was a county of the Swedish Empire from 1634 to 1683. It was one of three counties in the province of Södermanland , and in 1683 they were | 2010/9/26 8:06:00

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MS Gripsholm From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search MS Gripsholm may refer to one of these passenger ships: MS  Gripsholm  (1925) , an ocean liner operated by the Swedish American Line, 1925–1954 MS  Gripsholm  (1957) , a combined ocean | 2010/9/24 22:46:15

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and deposed the king. He was forced to abdicate on 29 March and was imprisoned with his family in Gripsholm castle . On 5 June the duke regent (Gustav's uncle) Charles XIII was proclaimed king after accepting a new liberal constitution , which was ratified by the Riksdag the next day. In