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In f(R) gravity , one seeks to generalize the Lagrangian of the Einstein-Hilbert action : to where , is the determinant of the metric tensor and is some function of the Ricci Curvature . [ edit ] Metric f(R) Gravity [ edit ] Derivation of field equations In metric f(R) gravity | 2011/7/10 1:13:20

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According to Robert Lazar , when the so called "Sport Model" UFO disc is near another source of gravity , like Earth , the Gravity A wave, which propagates outward from the disc, is phase shifted into the Gravity B wave, which propagates outward from the Earth, and this creates lift. The | 2010/9/24 17:54:50

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In Newton's law of universal gravitation , gravity was an external force transmitted by unknown means. In the 20th century, Newton's model was replaced by general relativity where gravity is not a force but the result of the geometry of space. Under general relativity, anti gravity is impossible | 2011/9/13 13:46:56

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Gravity's first appearance was in his own limited series Gravity #1-5 (2005) which was later released as a digest formatted graphic novel as part of the Marvel Next imprint aimed at younger readers. In the same year, Gravity went on to feature in Marvel Holiday Special 2005 (2005) in

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submerged objects, or determining water depth ( bathymetry ). Contents 1 Measuring the gravity gradient 1.1 Units 1.2 Gravity gradient tensor 1.3 Comparison to gravity 2 Dynamic survey environments (airborne and marine) 3 Applications 4 Gradiometers 4.1 Lockheed

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Such theories would yield the same experimental results as ordinary quantum mechanics in conditions of weak gravity ( potentials much less than c 2 ) and the same results as Einsteinian general relativity in phenomena at scales much larger than individual molecules ( action much larger than

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" fictitious force ", and (for short periods) linear acceleration. The creation of artificial gravity is considered desirable for long-term space travel or habitation, for ease of mobility, for in-space fluid management, and to avoid the adverse health effects of weightlessness . Contents

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A gravity tractor (GT) is a spacecraft that deflects another object in space, typically a potentially hazardous asteroid that might impact Earth, without physically contacting it, using only its gravitational field to transmit the required impulse . [ 1 ] [ 2 ] The tractor spacecraft

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In the context of classical theories of gravitation , the speed of gravity is the speed at which changes in a gravitational field propagate. This is the speed at which a change in the distribution of energy and momentum of matter results in subsequent alteration, at a distance, of the | 2011/8/10 6:30:43

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In physics , Gauss's law for gravity , also known as Gauss's flux theorem for gravity , is a law of physics which is essentially equivalent to Newton's law of universal gravitation . Although Gauss's law for gravity is physically equivalent to Newton's law, there are many situations where | 2011/9/20 5:12:20