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In f(R) gravity , one seeks to generalize the Lagrangian of the Einstein-Hilbert action : to where , is the determinant of the metric tensor and is some function of the Ricci Curvature . [ edit ] Metric f(R) Gravity [ edit ] Derivation of field equations In metric f(R) gravity | 2011/7/10 1:13:20

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According to Robert Lazar , when the so called "Sport Model" UFO disc is near another source of gravity , like Earth , the Gravity A wave, which propagates outward from the disc, is phase shifted into the Gravity B wave, which propagates outward from the Earth, and this creates lift. The | 2010/9/24 17:54:50

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In Newton's law of universal gravitation , gravity was an external force transmitted by unknown means. In the 20th century, Newton's model was replaced by general relativity where gravity is not a force but the result of the geometry of space. Under general relativity, anti gravity is impossible | 2011/9/13 13:46:56

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In physics , Gauss's law for gravity , also known as Gauss's flux theorem for gravity , is a law of physics which is essentially equivalent to Newton's law of universal gravitation . Although Gauss's law for gravity is physically equivalent to Newton's law, there are many situations where | 2011/9/20 5:12:20

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In fluid dynamics , a gravity current is a primarily horizontal flow in a gravitational field that is driven by a density difference, hence gravity currents also sometimes being referred to as "density currents". Typically, the density difference is small enough for the Boussinesq approximation | 2011/4/28 5:59:42

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Such theories would yield the same experimental results as ordinary quantum mechanics in conditions of weak gravity ( potentials much less than c 2 ) and the same results as Einsteinian general relativity in phenomena at scales much larger than individual molecules ( action much larger than

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" fictitious force ", and (for short periods) linear acceleration. The creation of artificial gravity is considered desirable for long-term space travel or habitation, for ease of mobility, for in-space fluid management, and to avoid the adverse health effects of weightlessness . Contents

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A gravity tractor (GT) is a spacecraft that deflects another object in space, typically a potentially hazardous asteroid that might impact Earth, without physically contacting it, using only its gravitational field to transmit the required impulse . [ 1 ] [ 2 ] The tractor spacecraft

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In the context of classical theories of gravitation , the speed of gravity is the speed at which changes in a gravitational field propagate. This is the speed at which a change in the distribution of energy and momentum of matter results in subsequent alteration, at a distance, of the | 2011/8/10 6:30:43

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Although the symbol g is sometimes incorrectly used for standard gravity , g (without a suffix) strictly means the local acceleration due to local gravity and centrifugal acceleration, which varies depending on one's position on Earth (see Earth's gravity ). The symbol g should not be | 2011/8/5 20:01:01