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The Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) is the Virginia chapter of the Republican Party . It is based in the Richard D. Obenshain Center in Richmond in the Commonwealth of Virginia . [ 1 ] Contents 1 Organization and candidate selection 1.1 Open primary litigation 1.2 Richard

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served in the U.S. Congress from 1865 to 1867 as a Republican . Hayes left Congress to run for Governor of Ohio and was elected to two terms, serving from 1867 to 1871. After his second term had ended, he resumed the practice of law for a time, but returned to politics in 1875 to serve a

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The Governor of West Virginia is the head of the executive branch of West Virginia 's government [ 2 ] and the commander-in-chief of the state 's military forces . [ 3 ] The governor has a duty to enforce state laws, [ 2 ] and the power to either approve or veto bills passed by the West

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The Virginia Governor 's Mansion , better known as the Executive Mansion , is located in Richmond, Virginia on Capitol Square and serves as the official residence of the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia . Designed by Alexander Parris , it is the oldest occupied governor 's mansion

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The Virginia gubernatorial election of 2009 took place on November 3, 2009. The election chose Bob McDonnell as the next Governor , Bill Bolling re-elected as Lieutenant Governor , and Ken Cuccinelli as the next Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia . The winners were inaugurated

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Tyler . He was returned to the Senate in 1842, serving until 1848, when he resigned to run for governor , hoping his election would help Zachary Taylor win Kentucky's vote in the 1848 presidential election . Taylor was elected, but Crittenden refused a post in his cabinet, fearing he would

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McDonnell was elected as the Governor of Virginia on the back of the campaign slogan, "Bob's for Jobs" , [ 1 ] defeating Democratic state Senator Creigh Deeds by a 17-point margin in a 2009 general election marked by the late-2000s recession . McDonnell was inaugurated on January 16,

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to 1862. Before the outbreak of the American Civil War , he refused the demands of Kentucky and Virginia state authorities for the extradition of fugitive slaves or the punishment of those who helped them. [ edit ] Civil War He organized Ohio's mobilization in the opening days of the

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The history of Virginia began with settlement of the geographic region now known as the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States thousands of years ago by Native Americans . Permanent European settlement began with the establishment of Jamestown in 1607, by English colonists. As tobacco

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The Democratic Party of Virginia is based in Richmond in the Commonwealth of Virginia . [ 1 ] It is affiliated with the national Democratic Party of the United States . The organization is governed by a State Party Plan, [ 2 ] which guarantees an open and fair candidate selection process