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Parameshvara (God) print that page

Parameshvara God ) From Wikinews, the free news source you can write! Unchecked Jump to: navigation , search Bold text [[[ T.A]]] | 2015/9/21 0:30:40

John Reed on Orwell, God, self-destruction and the future of writing print that page


It can be difficult to be John Reed . Christopher Hitchens called him a "Bin Ladenist" and Cathy Young editorialized in The Boston Globe that he "blames the victims of terrorism" when he puts out a novel like Snowball's Chance , a biting send-up of George Orwell 's Animal Farm which he

Televangelist Pat Robertson suggests Sharon's stroke is act of God in response to Gaza withdrawal print that page

" said Lynn. "Pat Robertson has a political agenda for the entire world, and he seems to think God is ready to take out any world leader who stands in the way of that agenda." The White House immediately distanced itself from Robertson's comments. "Those comments are wholly inappropriate | 2015/11/8 2:13:11

Jonesboro Church of God Obama sign controversy print that page

The Jonesville Church of God sign controversy occurred when the church was brought to national attention in mid-April 2008 because of a message its pastor, Roger Byrd, placed on the the church's welcome sign. The message linked Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama with Islamic | 2008/5/2 10:40:48

Paedophilia claims made against "living god" print that page

. Sai Baba attracts followers from many countries around the world who revere him as a "living god ". Around 200 youth are due to fly to India on November 13th after receiving a "divine commandment" to carry out a month-long "humanitarian pilgrimage" that will coincide with the birthday celebrations | 2015/7/10 11:28:17

Word of Life Bible Institute student burns New York church for deviating from the "word of God" print that page

the burning the church, saying Lussier Christ Church had deviated from the Bible and the word of God . Police reported that Mr. Lussier confessed to stealing from the church twice in May and he described to authorities how he used gas to set the fire itself. He allegedly also confessed to | 2015/7/10 23:55:29

DisuseKid revealed to be Wikipedian God print that page

many years, DisuseKid   ( t  ·  c  ·  b ) , is actually the second coming of the Wikipedian God . He has taken Wikipedia to a new golden age of peace and prosperity, with the distribution of fake news and alternative facts being declared a felony of the highest order. He has amassed | 2018/2/13 8:15:51

Stuart Legget, A God Amoungst Men print that page

Stuart is regarded by his peers as a god | 2016/5/18 14:23:49

Is god black or white print that page

coming back to the time where he made us god said we are made out of dirt so dirt is brown or sometimes black. [[-- Vontesang ( talk ) 19:34, 21 November 2012 (UTC)|34px|thumbnail|default|is god black or w hidden colors ]] What do you think of this page? Please take a moment to rate | 2012/11/21 19:34:23

Lamb of God vocalist arrested for Czech manslaughter print that page


recall that particular show let alone a fan being beaten on the stage" said Chris Adler , Lamb of God 's drummer. "I think I would’ve noticed something like that considering the Dime thing" he added, a reference to the death of Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell , who was shot on-stage by