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Bychowo From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Bychowo may refer to the following places in Poland: Bychowo , Lower Silesian Voivodeship (south-west Poland) Bychowo , Pomeranian Voivodeship (north Poland) This disambiguation page lists | 2010/9/25 4:54:56

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The club was formed on August 25 in 1903 at Matilda Anderssons Café. At that time, GIF Sundsvall stood for " Godtemplarnas Idrotts Förening Sundsvall " which mainly was for Teetotallers up until the alcohol demands was lightened in 1920. The initials then came to stand for, to this day still

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GIF may also refer to: Gainesville Improv Festival Governance Interoperability Framework , a specification and set of technologies supporting interoperability in a service-oriented architecture (SOA) GIF Sundsvall , Swedish football club Gifford-Inchelium Ferry , on the Columbia River | 2011/5/5 3:03:34

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The club was formed in May 1919 and its first chairman was named Tage de la Motte. The current chairman is Lars Sätmark. Since their foundation GIF Nike has participated mainly in the middle and lower divisions of the Swedish football league system . During two seasons, 1965 and 1966, Nike | 2011/4/5 18:02:59

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The town is crossed by and named after the Yvette river. The total area is 11.60 km 2 (4.48 sq mi) and 4.07 km 2 (1.57 sq mi) is green spaces and woods. [ edit ] Place names The town of Gif-sur-Yvette is composed of sections: in the valley: The Rougemonts, The Mérantaise, The

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Since their foundation on 4 October 1933 Höllvikens GIF has participated mainly in the middle and lower divisions of the Swedish football league system . The club currently plays in Division 2 Södra Götaland which is the fourth tier of Swedish football. [ 2 ] They play their home matches | 2011/9/18 8:47:22

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Gare de Gif-sur-Yvette From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Gif sur Yvette is a RER B station of Gif-sur-Yvette , near Paris , in France . RER B line platform Preceding station   RER   Following station La Hacquinière toward

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e Gmina Gniewino Seat Gniewino Other villages Alpy  • Bychówko  • Bychowo  • Chynowie  • Chynowiec  • Czymanowo  • Dąbrówka  • Dębina  • Gniewinko  • Jęczewo  • Kolkowo  • Kostkowo  • Łęczyn Dolny  • Lisewo  • Mierzynko | 2010/9/26 6:52:31

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Żmigród Town and seat Żmigród Villages Barkowo  • Borek  • Borzęcin  • Bychowo  • Chodlewo  • Dębno  • Dobrosławice  • Garbce  • Gatka  • Grądzik  • Kanclerzowice  • Karnice  • Kaszyce Milickie  • Kędzie  • Kliszkowice | 2010/9/24 19:09:19

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The Kootenay ( Kootenai in the U.S. [ 3 ] and historically called the Flatbow [ 8 ] ) is a major river in southeastern British Columbia , Canada and the northern part of the U.S. states of Montana and Idaho . It is one of the uppermost major tributaries of the Columbia River , which