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The Ascomycota are a Division/Phylum of the kingdom Fungi , and subkingdom Dikarya . Its members are commonly known as the Sac fungi . They are the largest phylum of Fungi , with over 64,000 species. [ 2 ] The defining feature of this fungal group is the " ascus " (from Greek : ἀσό

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See below . The Fungi imperfecti or imperfect fungi , also known as Deuteromycota , are fungi which do not fit into the commonly established taxonomic classifications of fungi that are based on biological species concepts or morphological characteristics of sexual structures because | 2011/5/3 19:48:26

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resistance Treatment with antifungal drugs often results in the appearance of resistant strains of fungi . Various mechanisms leading to resistance have been described. For example, a number of resistant clinical isolates overexpress genes encoding drug efflux pumps. Recent advances in molecular

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Coprophilous fungi release their spores to the surrounding vegetation, which is then eaten by herbivores . The spores then remain in the animal as the plants are digested , pass through the animal's intestines and are finally defecated . The fruiting bodies of the fungi then grow from the

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This differs from other forms of indirect defense in that the fungi live within the plant cells and directly alter their physiology. In contrast, other biotic defenses such as predators or parasites of the herbivores consuming a plant are normally attracted by volatile organic compounds

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The hydnoid fungi are a group of fungi in the Basidiomycota with basidiocarps (fruit bodies) producing spores on pendant, tooth-like or spine-like projections. They are colloquially called tooth fungi . Originally such fungi were referred to the genus Hydnum ("hydnoid" means Hydnum

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dermatitidis , Histoplasma capsulatum , and Sporothrix schenckii . [ edit ] References ^ Fungi " . Fungi .htm#di . Retrieved 2007-08-19 .   ^ Chandler JM, Treece ER, Trenary HR, et al (2008). "Protein profiling of the dimorphic | 2011/3/8 21:58:46

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There are a few dozen described ambrosia fungi , currently placed in polyphyletic genera Ambrosiella , Rafaella and Dryadomyces (all from Ophiostomatales , Ascomycetes ). [ 1 ] Probably many more species remain to be discovered. Little is known about bionomy of ambrosia fungi , as well

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Information about fungi from Egypt (North Africa) had been fragmentary and highly dispersed in many publications, till, Ahmed Abdel-Azeem, a mycologist at the University of Suez Canal, Egypt published a full review of the history of mycology in Egypt, together with a checklist of 2281 species

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The cyphelloid fungi are a group of fungi in the Basidiomycota that have disc-, tube-, or cup-shaped basidiocarps (fruit bodies), resembling species of discomycetes (or " cup fungi ") in the Ascomycota . They were originally referred to the genus Cyphella ("cyphelloid" means Cyphella