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Inertial frame of reference print that page

In physics , an inertial frame of reference (also inertial reference frame or inertial frame or Galilean reference frame ) is a frame of reference that describes time homogeneously and space homogeneously, isotropically , and in a time independent manner. [ 1 ] All inertial frames | 2011/5/4 8:29:09

Centrifugal force (rotating reference frame) print that page

particle upon which they act. Rather, centrifugal force originates in the curved motion of the frame of reference within which observations are made. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] Contents 1 Derivation 1.1 Velocity 1.2 Acceleration 1.3 Force 2 Advantages of rotating | 2011/4/23 10:26:00

International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service print that page

International Earth Rotation Service , is the body responsible for maintaining global time and reference frame standards, notably through its Earth Orientation Parameter (EOP) and International Celestial Reference System (ICRS) groups. Contents 1 History 2 Function 3 See also | 2011/4/5 13:15:16

Reference group print that page

individual relates or aspires to relate himself or herself psychologically. It becomes the individual's frame of reference and source for ordering his or her experiences, perceptions, cognition, and ideas of self. It is important for determining a person's self-identity, attitudes, and social | 2011/4/21 8:32:20

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modulate this signal onto a Very high frequency (VHF) or Ultra high frequency (UHF) carrier. Each frame of a television image is composed of lines drawn on the screen. The lines are of varying brightness; the whole set of lines is drawn quickly enough that the human eye perceives it as one

Quantum reference frame print that page

A quantum reference frame is a reference frame which is treated quantum theoretically. It, like any reference frame , is a physical system which defines physical quantities, such as time , position, momentum , spin , and so on. Because it is treated within the formalism of quantum theory | 2011/8/13 7:25:18

Rotating reference frame print that page

A rotating frame of reference is a special case of a non-inertial reference frame that is rotating relative to an inertial reference frame . An everyday example of a rotating reference frame is the surface of the Earth . (This article considers only frames rotating about a fixed axis | 2011/4/18 0:43:41

Inter frame print that page


An inter frame is a frame in a video compression stream which is expressed in terms of one or more neighboring frames. The "inter" part of the term refers to the use of Inter frame prediction . This kind of prediction tries to take advantage from temporal redundancy between neighboring

Special relativity print that page


developed general relativity to apply the principle in the more general case, that is, to any frame so as to handle general coordinate transformations , and that theory includes the effects of gravity . The term is currently used more generally to refer to any case in which gravitation is

Introduction to special relativity print that page


electromagnetism (which predict a well-defined speed of light in vacuum) hold in any inertial frame of reference [ 2 ] rather than, as was previously believed, just in the frame of the aether. This prediction contradicted the laws of classical mechanics , which had been accepted for centuries