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Party supporting Scottish independence from UK wins elections print that page


The Scottish National Party (SNP), which supports Scottish independence from the UK , has pulled off a historic, albeit narrow, victory in yesterday's Scottish elections . In the third Scottish election since the opening of the Scottish Parliament in 1999, the left of centre SNP beat

Former Scottish Conservatives leader Annabel Goldie to stand down as MSP print that page


In a statement today, Goldie said leading the party was an "enormous honour" for her. She also said: "It has afforded me both satisfaction and pleasure to serve my constituents and to serve the parliament and I will look back with great happiness at my time as an MSP. I am grateful to friends

Scottish legislature gives green light to same-sex marriage print that page


Members of the Scottish Parliament voted 98–15 in a free vote yesterday to approve the Marriage and Civil Partnerships (Scotland) Bill , which seeks to legalise marriage between partners of the same sex . If the legislation is passed, Scotland may start allowing same-sex couples to marry

Two councillors in Scottish Outer Hebrides launch petition after council restricts local flight services print that page


In the Outer Hebrides of Scotland , two councillors from the Scottish National Party (SNP) began a petition Friday, the day after Comhairle nan Eilean Siar — the local government council for the Western Isles — said it would discontinue flight services between the islands of Benbecula

Wikinews Shorts: May 4, 2007 print that page


indecency and violating religious values" for embracing and kissing the hand of an elderly woman - his former schoolteacher - to express his gratitude. The Iranian Hezbollah newspaper issued a statement saying, "The Muslim Iranian people have no recollection of such acts contrary to Shariah

Conservatives win majority in 2015 UK general election print that page


Across the UK, Conservatives won 331 seats out of the 650 available, an increase of 24 on their 2010 total. The Labour Party , which won 258 seats in 2010, now has 232. The Liberal Democrats experienced the heaviest number of seat losses, dropping from 57 to eight. Amongst the Liberal Democrat

Jim Murphy announces resignation as Scottish Labour Party leader print that page


At a meeting in the Scottish city Glasgow yesterday, the party's national executive held a vote of no confidence in Murphy; he won by 17 votes to 14. "Today I received more support in the executive vote than I did from members of the executive when I stood for election five months ago",

Candidates begin campaigning for Glasgow East by-election print that page

constituency of Glasgow East , at which a by-election is due to be held on July 24 on account of former MP David Marshall's resignation due to stress-related health problems. There are currently 7 candidates in the running to be elected for the Westminster seat. The deadline for nominations

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UK holds referendum on voting system print that page


Alongside the normal local elections for seats on 279 councils, and elections for seats in the devolved Scottish Parliament and the Welsh and Northern Irish Assemblies, the country saw the first nation-wide referendum since 1975, regarding potentially replacing the current first past the

Current polls show high probability of hung parliament in 2010 UK general election print that page


The polls, both independent and those conducted on behalf of political parties, predict that the Conservatives will win only 40% of constituencies, 10% short of that needed for a majority government. In the UK political system, each of the constituencies, whose number rose from 646 for the