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The Finnish Socialist Workers ' Republic ( Finnish : Suomen sosialistinen työväentasavalta , Swedish : Finlands socialistiska arbetarrepublik ) was a short-lived Finnish socialist government, established by a revolution just prior to the Finnish Civil War and in the aftermath of | 2011/7/28 12:35:42

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The Finnish Civil War ( Finnish : Suomen sisällissota ; Swedish : Finska inbördeskriget ) was a part of the national, political and social turmoil caused by World War I (1914–1918) in Europe. The Civil War concerned control and leadership of The Grand Duchy of Finland as it achieved

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The Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic ( Estonian : Eesti Nõukogude Sotsialistlik Vabariik , abbreviated as Eesti NSV or ENSV ; Russian : Эстонская Советская Социалистическая Республика , Estonskaya Sovetskaya Sotsalisticheskaya Respublika , abbreviated

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The State Anthem of the Karelo Finnish SSR was the national anthem of Karelia (now a federal subject of Russia ) when it was a republic of the Soviet Union and known as the Karelo Finnish SSR . Contents 1 Background 2 Finnish lyrics 3 English translation 4 in Russian | 2011/8/8 1:28:05

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The Socialist Republic of Croatia was founded as the Federal State of Croatia ( Croatian : Federalna Država Hrvatska, FD Hrvatska ) on May 9, 1944 at the 3 rd session of the ZAVNOH . Yugoslavia was then called the Democratic Federal Yugoslavia ( Demokratska Federativna Jugoslavija , DFJ | 2011/8/14 19:16:24

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The Finnish Socialist Federation was a language federation of the Socialist Party of America which united Finnish language -speaking immigrants in the United States in a national organization designed to conduct propaganda and education for socialism among their community. Contents

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The Socialist Party of America ( SPA ) was a multi-tendency democratic socialist political party in the United States , formed in 1901 by a merger between the three-year-old Social Democratic Party of America and disaffected elements of the Socialist Labor Party which had split from

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The program of the Workers ' Party is not easily classifiable. On January 19, 2003, a day after the party was established, it published a press release that it planned to compete mostly with the Czech communist party [ 8 ] and as late as in early autumn 2008 the Workers ' party program was

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The League for a Workers ' Republic (LWR) was a Trotskyist organisation in Ireland . Contents 1 Foundation 2 Leading members 3 Splits 4 International affiliation 5 Dissolution 6 References [ edit ] Foundation It was founded in 1968 by members of the Irish Workers | 2011/8/15 9:48:41

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on social and political themes and translated works by August Strindberg and Karl Kautsky to Finnish . Sirola was elected as a member of the parliament from the SDP from 1907 to 1909. He was forced into emigration by the Tsarist government, however, landing in America. There he worked