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Riot police called to break up "Facebook party" in Camperdown, Sydney. print that page

the dance party, which police suspect had been publicised through popular social networking site, Facebook , and was complete with 3 levels of DJs, a reggae band, laser shows, and other visual effects. Police initially attended the party at around 12:30 a.m., attempting to close it due to | 2008/9/2 19:28:34

Facebook marks milestone with one billion users print that page

As Facebook celebrates the milestone of having one billion users, social media experts are taking a look at how social networking has evolved. Consultant Mari Smith said that social media developments have changed the way that people conduct business. "In essence, we have removed the middle | 2012/10/12 13:24:43

People limited to 150 friends, despite Facebook, says academic print that page


Human brains cannot manage more than 150 friendships – even with the advent of social networking websites like Facebook , Bebo and Myspace . This is the conclusion of Robin Dunbar , Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of Oxford . Dunbar originally carried out research

French broadcasters barred from saying "Facebook" or "Twitter" on air print that page


The French institution of regulation of broadcasting media has recently prohibited the use of the words " Facebook " and " Twitter " on television or radio broadcasts; except where these social networks are a central part of a news report. The regulation, issued by the Conseil supérieur