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An eyelid is a thin fold of skin that covers and protects an eye . With the exception of the prepuce and the labia minora , it has the thinnest skin of the whole body. The levator palpebrae superioris muscle retracts the eyelid to "open" the eye. This can be either voluntarily or involuntarily

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displaying ptosis after his famous brain injury Ptosis occurs when the muscles that raise the eyelid ( levator and Müller's muscles) are not strong enough to do so properly. It can affect one eye or both eyes and is more common in the elderly, as muscles in the eyelids may begin to

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considered a sign of feminine beauty in East Asia. Some women opt for a temporary solution by wearing eyelid glue. The glue is painted on the upper eyelid , which is then pushed upward with a plastic prong and held in place by the adhesive. The glue needs to dry for a minute before holding

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The procedure is known to have more complications and issues than initial eyelid surgeries due to the presence of excess scar tissue at the surgery site. Contents 1 Contour Abnormalities 2 Asymmetry 3 Unnaturally High Eyelid Height 4 Ptosis 5 References [ edit ] Contour

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Blepharoplasty is often done as an elective surgery for cosmetic reasons. Lower eyelid blepharoplasty is almost always done for cosmetic reasons, to improve puffy lower eyelid "bags" and reduce the wrinkling of skin. Asian blepharoplasty or double eyelid surgery is a special type of

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like dermoid cysts , or malignant like rhabdomyosarcoma and retinoblastoma . The most common eyelid tumor is called basal cell carcinoma . This tumor can grow around the eye but rarely spreads to other parts of the body. Other types of common eyelid cancers include squamous carcinoma

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pag. Web. 2 Mar 2011. http://tyglobalist.org/perspectives/in-the-eyelids-of-the-beholder/ ^ Eyelid surgery stigma fades among Asian-Americans." North Jersey.com December 5, 2006: n. pag. Web. 2 Mar 2011. http://www.aafprs.org/members_only/newslinks/1282006.pdf ^ Matthews, Sarah. "You

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substances taken internally: Bromoderma  · Fixed drug reaction Nummular dermatitis  · Pityriasis alba  · Papuloerythroderma of Ofuji M : INT , SF , LCT anat / phys / devp noco( i , b , d , q , u , r , p , k , c , v )/ cong / tumr , sysi / epon proc

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The album was generally well-received, retaining a rating of 76 – meaning generally favorable reviews – on the review aggregating site Metacritic . Absolute Punk gave a favorable review, stating " Phantogram have put forth a collection of heady and stimulating songs primed for in-the-dark

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While there are some Asians with a double eyelid and some without, there is also a large variation in the crease position (double eyelid size) of the East Asian upper eyelid . The upper lid fold can range from 1 mm above the eyelash line to about 10 mm. Several methods can be used to create

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