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The cells in epithelium are very densely packed together, leaving very little intercellular space. The cells form continuous sheets which are attached to each other at many locations by tight junctions and desmosomes . [ 2 ] The epithelial tissues cover the interior and exterior part of

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In anatomy , squamous epithelium (from Latin squama , "scale") is an epithelium characterised by its most superficial layer consisting of flat, scale-like cells called squamous cells. Epithelium may be composed of one layer of these cells, in which case it is referred to as simple squamous

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transporter pendrin on the apical side. [ edit ] Structure and development They are simple cuboidal epithelium and are arranged in spherical follicles surrounding colloid. They have thyrotropin receptors on their surface, which respond to thyroid-stimulating hormone . Embryologic

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The junctional epithelium is that epithelium which lies at, and in health also defines, the base of the gingival sulcus . It attaches to the surface of the tooth with hemidesmosomes and is, on average, roughly 1 mm in width, constituting about one half of the biologic width . [ 1 ] The

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The pigmented layer of retina or retinal pigment epithelium ( RPE ) is the pigmented cell layer just outside the neurosensory retina that nourishes retinal visual cells, and is firmly attached to the underlying choroid and overlying retinal visual cells. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] Contents 1

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The olfactory epithelium is a specialized epithelial tissue inside the nasal cavity that is involved in smell . In humans, it measures about 1 square centimetre (on each side) and lies on the roof of the nasal cavity about 7 cm above and behind the nostrils. [ 1 ] The olfactory epithelium

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The intestinal epithelium is the epithelium that covers the small and large intestine . It is simple columnar and nonciliated . They primarily take part in the digestive system . However, they also express TLR 4 receptors, [ 1 ] and are thus a part of the immune system , both as a

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The corneal epithelium ( epithelium corneæ anterior layer ) is made up of epithelial tissue and covers the front of the cornea . It acts as a barrier to protect the cornea, resisting the free flow of fluids from the tears, and prevents bacteria from entering the epithelium and corneal

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The respiratory epithelium lining the upper (cranial) airways is classified as ciliated pseudostratified columnar epithelium . This designation is due to the arrangement of the multiple cell types composing the respiratory epithelium . While all cells make contact with the basement membrane

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stretched, and they appear to be flat, irregular, and squamous . [ edit ] Functions The transitional epithelium cells accommodate fluctuation of volume of the liquid in an organ or tube, such as the urinary bladder, and protect against the caustic effects of urine . [ edit ] Surfaces