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could access a tactical database, teach myself guerrilla warfare. The Doctor : (to Suder) One hologram and one sociopath may not be much of a match for the Kazon, but it will have to do. Seska : You're more talented in the art of deception than you led me to believe. The Doctor :

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anyway. Doc : No it's true. We found two heartbeats. So unless he has two hearts the only logical explanation is that he's pregnant. I think. Chruch : ( to Andy and Caboose ) Alright, one of the two of you has some explaining to do. Andy : ( chuckles ) Don't look at me! Tucker's not

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Neal McDonough Lieutenant Sean Hawk Michael Horton Lieutenant Daniels Robert Picardo Emergency Medical Hologram Dwight Schultz Lieutenant Reginald Barclay Patti Yasutake Nurse Alyssa Ogawa Jeff Coopwood Voice of the Borg [ edit ] External links Wikipedia has

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This is no miracle. This just, this just means that sooner or later we're all going to hell. Gwen : What sort of getaway car is this? I thought you Americans all had these big SUVs. This is rubbish! [after seeing Lyn's body with her head twisted around 180 degrees] Esther : What was

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December 2012. What, exactly, is the cost of this inaction? Estimates of the total national cost of medical malpractice range from $20 billion to $45 billion annually. But this number hardly tells the whole story. There also is the more hidden cost of defensive medicine, including unnecessary

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RoboCop : Lie still. Hob : I'm cold. RoboCop : You are going into shock. I will call for a medical emergency unit. Hob : Wait, no. Don't leave me. RoboCop : I won't leave you. Who did this? Hob : It was big. Bigger than you. It was Cain... I'm gonna die. You know what that's like,

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ER From Wikiquote Jump to: navigation , search ER (1994–2009) is a long running medical drama that follows the lives of doctors and nurses in a Chicago emergency room. Contents 1 Season 1 1.1 24 Hours [1.1] 1.2 Day One [1.2] 1.3 Going Home [1.3] 1.4 Hit and Run

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Lucrecia slowly approaches Vincent; he opens his arms but she walks through him, being nothing but a hologram ] Lucrecia : Omega. His awakening is upon us. [the room goes white; Lucrecia is now in the crystal cave, moving towards the large crystal in the middle of the room] Lucrecia : Soul

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walks to Snake, swinging it at him. The gun passes right through.] Brazen : He's not here, he's a hologram ! Snake : Catches on quick, doesn't she? Snake : You got a smoke? Malloy : The United States' a non-smoking nation. No smoking, no drinking, no drugs, no women, unless, of course

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