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(which can be thought of as closed hydraulic systems where the shock is used to try and pump fluid through a valve). There are many novel uses for these fluids, including use in the US army's planned future force warrior project. They plan to create bulletproof vests using an ER fluid | 2011/4/27 22:46:07

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A clutch is a mechanism for controlling the transmission of rotation, which can be either engaged or disengaged. An electrorheological clutch (ER clutch) comprises drive and driven members, generally parallel to each other, that can be selectively engaged by the application of a voltage | 2010/9/26 12:07:18

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A dual clutch transmission , commonly abbreviated to DCT [ 1 ] (sometimes informally referred to as a twin-clutch gearbox , double clutch transmission , or similar variations thereof), is a differing type of semi-automatic or automated manual automotive transmission . It utilises two separate

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Direct-Shift Gearbox  · Drive shaft  · Dual clutch transmission  · Easytronic  · Electrorheological clutch  · Epicyclic gearing  · Fluid coupling  · Gear stick  · Hydramatic  ·

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The field of EAPs emerged back in 1880, when Wilhelm Roentgen designed an experiment in which he tested the effect of an electrical current on the mechanical properties of a rubber band . [ 2 ] The rubber band was fixed at one end and was attached to a mass at the other. It was then charged | 2011/5/23 14:17:42

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Line lock Automobile Automobile accident Bicycle brake systems Brake lining Brake fade Brake fluid Brake bleeding Car safety Electromagnetic brake Electronic Brakeforce Distribution Electronic Parking Brake Engine braking Hand brake Hydraulic brake Hydraulic fluid Inboard

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Depending on the implementation, some computer-controlled electrohydraulic manual transmissions will automatically shift gears at the right points (like an automatic transmission ), while others require the driver to manually select the gear even when the engine is at the redline. Despite superficial | 2011/5/4 17:05:44

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A smart fluid is a fluid whose properties (for example the viscosity ) can be changed by applying an electric field or a magnetic field . The most developed smart fluids today are fluids whose viscosity increases when a magnetic field is applied. Small magnetic dipoles are suspended in

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Haptic technology has made it possible to investigate in detail how the human sense of touch works by allowing the creation of carefully controlled haptic virtual objects. These objects are used to systematically probe human haptic capabilities, which would otherwise be difficult to achieve | 2011/10/4 7:31:57

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In computing , a mouse is a pointing device that functions by detecting two-dimensional motion relative to its supporting surface. Physically, a mouse consists of an object held under one of the user's hands, with one or more buttons. It sometimes features other elements, such as "wheels