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This includes a group of tables . They are listed below: Contact Contact Interaction Contact Person Category : ERP Internals

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This table contains one record for every contact . Used by: Contacts Key: Contact Number Fields: Contact Number (a unique identifier assigned by the user) Type Organization/Individual (individual must have exactly one person record) Active (Yes/No) Group Name Address 1 Address

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address) Requested Salary Picture Ethnic Origin Entry Date Birthdate Gender SSN/SIN Preferred Contact Method Preferred Contact Time HR Employee Number Language Notes Category : ERP Internals

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purpose. A business is an enterprise. So is a non-profit charity. An Enterprise Resource Planning ERP ) package is a computer software package that integrates all departments and functions within an enterprise into a single, integrated system that maintains a single, integrated set of data

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This table contains one record for every person at every contact . Used by: Contacts Key: Contact Number, Person Number Fields: Contact Number Person Number (a unique identifier assigned by the user) Last Name First Name Informal Name Job Title Department Title (Mr/Ms/Mrs/etc

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This table contains one record for every interaction between the business and the contact . Although contacts are not yet customers, this table is key to Customer Relationship Marketing. Used by: Contacts Key: Contact Number, Date/Time Fields: Contact Number Date/Time Type (Telephone

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they are declared. It handles stock splits and allows both preferred and common shares. Only large ERP packages have a Share Manager module. Normally only a publicly traded company would use this module. Functions Reports Tables [ edit ] The first group of tables consists of the Shareholder

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This list of tables covers the hundreds of small, simple, infrequently changed tables that support the major tables . They are documented here as if they are separate tables . For performance reasons, supporting tables are often stored as a single block rather than as individual tables

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This function is used when the user doesn't know the contacts's number or name but does know some information about the contact . They enter what they know and the ERP displays all the contacts that match the criteria. This function becomes more and more useful as the size of the enterprise

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length of time to the prices. Quote/Estimate is very similar to Order Processing. The entry screens, tables , and output documents are similar. It records the details of the quote/estimate in the database and produces a document that is sent to the potential customer. A Quote/Estimate can have

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