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Even a small ERP has a hundred data tables . A large, full-function one has thousands. The following list covers the major groups of tables . Supporting Tables covers the minor tables and Parameters cover the miscellaneous options and values for each module. Note that the definition of | 2016/8/18 6:06:26

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This group of tables control who can log on to the company and what functions they can perform. Each user can be assigned one or more roles (such as Purchasing Agent) which gives them access to a variety of functions. This allows the Systems Administrator to define a limited set of roles and | 2016/9/15 7:38:47

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Country Zip/Postal Code Telephone FAX E-mail Website Number of shares Notes Category : ERP Internals | 2016/8/26 20:24:25

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table. If the operating system provides file encryption, all data is encrypted. If it doesn't the ERP does the encryption itself. Alerts [ edit ] The ERP users define what is routine. When this routine is broken or action is required, the ERP notifies designated users via e-mail (or an | 2017/1/18 2:08:28

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The System Administration module controls data and tables that are used by more than one module. Typically, this data tailors the ERP to a particular enterprise. System Administration sets up new companies as well as user names, passwords and access to ERP data and functions. It starts up | 2017/3/25 8:30:31

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Compensation Service Management Share Manager Shipping Time Billing Workflow Category : ERP Internals | 2016/8/23 8:11:14

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Used by: Service Management Key: Unit ID Fields: Unit ID (a unique number assigned by the ERP package) Description Manufacturer Serial Number Location Accumulated Operating Hours Purchase Date Maintenance Schedule Notes Category : ERP Internals | 2016/9/15 7:38:39

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Billing Key: Transaction Number Fields: Transaction Number (a unique number assigned by the ERP package) Employee Number Job Number Customer Number Date Start Time Stop Time Hours (Stop Time - Start Time / 60) Rate Amount (Hours x Rate) Category : ERP Internals | 2016/9/15 7:38:34

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This includes a group of tables . They are listed below: Supplier Supplier Interaction Supplier Person Category : ERP Internals | 2016/8/28 3:29:11

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This includes a group of tables . They are listed below: Shareholder Shareholder Person Category : ERP Internals | 2016/8/26 20:24:13