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purpose. A business is an enterprise. So is a non-profit charity. An Enterprise Resource Planning ERP ) package is a computer software package that integrates all departments and functions within an enterprise into a single, integrated system that maintains a single, integrated set of data | 2016/8/17 13:04:15

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This section provides an extensive list of terms with their definitions. 1099 401K ABC Accounting Equation Accounting Period See Fiscal Year Accural Basis Activity-based Costing Ad Hoc Adjustment Advanced Planning and Scheduling Amortization Analytics API See Application Programming | 2016/9/15 7:39:04

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the employee's earnings and deductions for income tax and various social programs. Category : ERP Internals | 2017/1/12 1:25:53

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Although there are thousands of industries, there are only a few dozen intrinsic functions. An ERP system is designed to accommodate many industries using a common base of functions. Contents 1 Manufacturing 2 Distribution 3 Retail 4 Construction 5 Professional Services 6 | 2017/1/18 2:08:23

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table. If the operating system provides file encryption, all data is encrypted. If it doesn't the ERP does the encryption itself. Alerts [ edit ] The ERP users define what is routine. When this routine is broken or action is required, the ERP notifies designated users via e-mail (or an | 2017/1/18 2:08:28

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A "module" is a group of related programs performing a major function within an ERP . Since there is no particular order that makes sense, we have chosen to list the modules in alphabetical order. Some of the decisions about what constitutes a module are not arbitrary. Since an ERP is designed | 2017/1/25 14:59:42

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Creating backups is an essential task for every database administrator. He must ensure that in the case of a hardware or software crash the database can be restored with minimal data loss. PostgreSQL offers different strategies to support the DBA in his effort to achieve this goal. First off | 2017/2/3 16:02:17

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Transportation engineers and planners rely on transportation forecasting models to address a wide range of increasingly complicated issues, from congestion and air quality, to social equity concerns. Two major strands of travel demand models have emerged over the past several decades, trip | 2016/12/9 17:29:52

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employees. With workflow, processes are simple, fast, and uniform as well as easy to change. Only large ERP packages have a Workflow module. Functions Reports Tables [ edit ] Data Exchange [ edit ] Workflow does not exchange transactions with other modules. Transactions [ edit ] | 2017/3/26 2:35:37

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can be invoiced. Normally, Shipping and Receiving occur in the same physical location. Only large ERP packages have a separate Shipping module. Functions Reports Tables [ edit ] Data Exchange [ edit ] Shipping does not send or receive transactions to/from other modules. Transactions | 2017/3/25 1:52:28